It's a Med Residency Match! Match Day 2021

My Match Day Story with Alicia Heidenreich

Alicia Heidenreich matched into the radiology program at Case Western/MetroHealth Medical Center with help from Picmonic & tutors.
Congratulations to Alicia Heidenreich who matched into the radiology program at Case Western/MetroHealth Medical Center. Read on for her Match Day 2021 story, and how Alicia used Picmonic.

I am excited to say that I matched into radiology at Case Western/MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio — my number one choice, alma mater, and in my hometown. I was so excited and thrilled to receive this news. It has been a dream of mine to return to and train in Cleveland. When it actually came true, I was elated and over the moon. It seemed so unreal…like a dream. I am still pinching myself!

As far as the steps that helped me succeed, I relied on getting the help I needed when I needed it. This included communicating with my professors when I had questions, utilizing tutors in and outside of the school, and studying regularly with a study buddy. My study partner and I would study independently together, but could ask each other questions if we were stuck, discuss concepts, quiz each other, and even do Picmonic videos and quizzes together. I still refer back to Picmonic for tough subjects and reviews. I had questions on both USMLE Step exams Picmonic definitely helped with.

Tips or Tricks I Wish I Knew Earlier

  • I wish I had more time practicing the tips and strategies I learned from tutors along the way. So my advice would be if you are struggling or need help, don’t be afraid to reach out as soon as possible. 
  • Also, don’t compare yourself to other students! Compare and despair. Everyone learns differently, bottom line. 
  • You will reach your destination with persistence and hard work. 
  • Awesome practice tools like Picmonic most definitely make a big difference along the way.


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