[Infographic] How to Study: Paraneoplastic Syndrome

Use this infographic to help you delineate the types of cancers and their commonly associated paraneoplastic syndromes.

paraneoplastic syndrome infographic

Some topics you will learn in this infographic:

Aggressively Malignant:
Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a highly malignant, aggressive form of lung cancer. In fact, the majority of patients present with metastatic disease. SCLC can be distinguished from non-small cell lung cancers because of its rapid growth and early development of metastasis.

Anaplastic Cells:
Large cell carcinoma tends to be a highly anaplastic undifferentiated tumor. Anaplastic cells are poorly differentiated cells that lose their normal morphological characteristics.

Ptosis occurs as a result of paralysis of the Müller’s or superior tarsal muscle which has sympathetic innervation. It is a mild <2mm ptosis which is less severe than in cases of oculomotor nerve or elevator palpebrae lesions.

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