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[Infographic] How to Study: Standard Precautions – PPE Order

To maintain aseptic technique, there is an order to donning personal protective equipment (PPE). The proper order of PPE according to the CDC and tested on the NCLEX® is as follows: gown, mask or respirator, goggles or face shield then finally gloves.
ppe infographic

Some topics you will learn in this infographic:

Hand Hygiene:
Hands are excellent reservoirs for organisms to transfer from one thing to another. Performing hand hygiene before and after each patient encounter is a National Patient Safety Goal. Additionally, to help reduce microorganisms being transferred, nails should be kept clean, short, and well manicured. Know your health organization’s policy on nail care.

A gown is used for all patients that are on contact precaution or when contact with body fluid is anticipated. The gown creates a barrier between the staff member’s skin and uniform and the infectious organism. This helps prevent the organism from transmitting onto the staff uniform.

Face Mask:
Masks are used during invasive procedures when respiratory secretions are present or when the patient is on Droplet or Respiratory Precaution. Staff members caring for a patient with possible tuberculosis are required to wear a N95 mask. Being “fit tested” by the organization is required before using these masks.

Gloves are an essential part of standard precautions. Even though gloves are being worn, it is still necessary to wash or gel hands before and after a patient encounter. Ask the patient about Latex allergies and confirm that the proper gloves are being used.

Cough Etiquette:
Educate the patient and family members on proper cough/sneeze etiquette. Have the patient cover his or her nose/mouth when coughing or sneezing and dispose of used tissues properly. Place a surgical mask on a non-compromised respiratory patient when the patient is out of the room. Keep a 3 feet distance between you and a patient that is coughing.

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