How to study for anemias

[Infographic] How to Study: Anemias

Being a student is hard work. But, learning about Anemias with Picmonic can make studying a little more, dare we say, light-hearted.

There are three ways to classify anemias including microcytic, normocytic, and macrocytic anemias. From the infographic below, you can learn how to categorize each anemia as well as their associated causes. With the color coded pathways, you can quickly identify that an iron deficiency or lead poisoning would be potential causes of microcytic anemia. Whereas, alcoholism, liver disease, or reticulocytosis are common causes of non-megaloblastic macrocytic anemia.

Visual learning works, and Picmonic’s proven mnemonic studying tools will help you learn and retain information for clinicals, board exams, and everything in between.

Anemias Infographic

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