6 Prep Tips for a 268 Dream STEP Score

6 Prep Tips for a 268 Dream STEP Score

Dr. Chris Tenore joins Picmonic CEO, Ron Robertson to share the prep tips he used for scoring a dream 268 on STEP. If 268 is your dream STEP score, then this is a must-watch webinar. Comment below with any feedback or ideas you want us to talk about in our next webinar!

Prep Tips for Getting a Dream STEP Score

Looking for a quick summary of the STEP prep tips? We’ve listed them below. 👇

tip 1 secrets to success nursing school start fast have a purpose

TIP 1: Always have some time and have some break time to keep yourself sane.

tip 2 secrets to success nursing school know your learning style

TIP 2: Start studying in January, prioritizing UWorld, and trying to get through twice before exam time.

tip 3 secrets to success nursing school schedule your time

TIP 3: Invest in a second question bank—other than UWorld. After you feel you’ve exhausted UWorld, start tackling the second question bank. The more questions you can practice, the better!

tip 4 secrets to success nursing school be adaptable resilient

TIP 4: Do First Aid as much as you can, use Picmonic especially for topics you’re struggling with.

tip 5 secrets of success nursing school nclex picmonic playlist

TIP 5: Have some kind of audio or visual resource to listen to during your downtime, like Picmonic.

tip number 6

TIP 6: Keep a study guide for constant refreshing of all the stuff that you feel you’re definitely going to forget.

Medical school is a whole new academic level fueled by excitement, anticipation, and uncertainty. You’re preparing for one of the most significant career paths available. Between classes, clinicals, studying, preparing for and applying for residency, and the rest of your life, med school might seem all-consuming. We’ve given you a few secrets to successfully preparing for your STEP exams with this advice from Dr. Tenore. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for weekly board-style questions on-the-go.


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