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Why You Should Choose Picmonic Premium

What do you get with Picmonic Premium

Picmonic’s free trial offers a glimpse into the world of mnemonic-based learning, with access to our most popular Picmonic videos, select multiple choice quiz questions, and rounds of daily quiz with spaced repetition for a total of 5 days. But what do you get with Picmonic’s Premium Trial? So much more. 

Elevate your learning potential and seize the opportunity to supercharge your studies by learning about and signing up for the Picmonic Premium trial today!  

Picmonic Free Trial Vs Picmonic Premium Trial 

While Picmonic’s free trial is meant to provide users with a taste of the platform, it only gives you access to a select number of our top picmonics, and quiz questions for a total of 5 days, without any credit card required for sign up. 

The free trial serves as a fantastic introduction, but the Premium Trial opens doors to a more immersive and customizable learning experience as it offers unlimited access to the platform for 7 days, making it the ideal choice for those seeking an enriched academic experience.

What do you get with Picmonic’s Premium Trial? 

Unlimited learning

The most important part of your Picmonic Premium access? Unlimited learning in your area of study! Access all of our cool topics, videos, pictures and quizzes that make studying way more interesting and master what you need to know in less time. So whether you’re diving into tough subjects or just exploring new things, the Premium Trial lets you do it all at your own pace. 

Picmonic Playlists

Endless Quiz Variety 

After watching all the Picmonics you can handle, make sure you’ve got all that knowledge locked in with our rapid review quiz. Explore the diverse range of unlimited multiple choice quiz questions each day with Picmonic’s Premium Trial. 

Optimized Memory Retention 

Picmonic Daily Quiz

Beat the forgetting curve and keep your brain in shape with our Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition, ensuring lasting retention of key concepts. Refresh your memory on as many topics as you have in your queue till you master them all! 

Interactive Playlist Assessments and Creation 

With Picmonic’s Premium Trial, you can quiz yourself on an entire Picmonic playlist or create your own Custom Playlist, at the click of a button and get through all of the topics you need to know in less time. This interactive feature not only allows for targeted learning paths but also provides an engaging way to assess comprehension making your learning experience highly dynamic. 

Page-by-Page Textbook Synergy 

Revolutionize your learning experience with Picmonic’s unique ability to follow along page by page with popular textbooks. Enhance comprehension through visual aids and mnemonics tailored to each page’s content allowing you to foster a deeper understanding of complex subjects. 

Mnemonic Creation Tools 

Explore the creative possibilities of Picmonic’s Premium Trial, allowing users to master content by crafting and sharing their own personalized mnemonics. Take it a step further by adding personalized facts and notes to each picmonic you watch. 

Print & Go

Print Picmonics

Take your learning away from the screen with Picmonic’s Premium Trial. Print & Go allows you to print Picmonics with a dedicated space for your own notes. So, even when you don’t want to spend another second in front of your computer, you can still learn with Picmonic. 

On the Go Learning with Mobile Apps 

Picmonic Mobile Apps

Picmonic Offline Mode

Speaking of learning that fits your busy lifestyle, we have mobile apps for both IOS and Android. Make any moment a study moment and enable on-the-go learning without the constant need for an internet connection. Although Picmonic free trial members can also download our apps, only Premium Trial members have unlimited content access. 

Ready to take your learning to the next level with Picmonic’s Premium Trial?


FAQs on Picmonic’s Premium Trial

How much does Picmonic Premium cost?

Picmonic’s Premium Trial gives you 7 days of full unlimited access to the platform and all its features. There is no cost to sign up but credit card details are required up front. 

Is Picmonic’s Premium Trial worth it? 

Absolutely! Signing up for Picmonic’s Premium Trial will allow you to uncover all that the platform has to offer at no cost. See if the visual magic ignites your learning spark and transforms studying into fun. 

How to try Picmonic for free?

Picmonic offers free trial options for users to explore the platform and its features. There are two types of free trials available:

  • Picmonic’s Free Trial: gives you limited access to Picmonic’s library and select multiple choice practice quiz questions with spaced repetition for a total of 5 days. No credit card required for sign up. 
  • Picmonic’s Premium Trial: gives you unlimited access to the entire Picmonic library in your area of study along with full access to the platform and all of its features for a total of 7 days. Credit card details required for sign up.

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