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11 Healthy Home Study Habits & Tips — PLUS 3 to Avoid

Doing your best to study at home? Many Picmonic users have shared what’s working for them and their advice for others. We love hearing from… (Read More)

What is the secret to getting a good match for medical residency?

Samuel B. Wood shares his story so you can learn how a successful med student matched in his dream residency program.Recently, Picmonic asked a few… (Read More)

5 Insider Tips for Nurse Practitioner School [Updated for 2019]

Our top 5 tips for succeeding in nurse practitioner schoolSo, you’re thinking about starting nurse practitioner school. Couldn’t be any different than nursing school, right?… (Read More)

Med Study Tips: AMBOSS + Picmonic = Efficient Studying

Picmonic has taken what the science shows – image mnemonics work – but we’ve boosted its effectiveness by building and associating memorable characters, interesting audio… (Read More)

Pre-Health Study Tips for the Busy Pre-Health Student

When you’re studying to take the MCAT, there’s no shortcut to acing the test. Being a Pre-Health student means you’ve got to be proactive about… (Read More)

7 NCLEX® Exam Day Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making in Nursing School

It’s the day before the NCLEX® exam, and your stress level is at an all-time high. You’ve spent weeks studying every tiny detail and here… (Read More)

What are Some Med School Study Hacks?

So you wanna be a medical school superstar? Top grades, AOA sticker on your car? Try these 9 med school study tips, curated from the… (Read More)

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