National Nurses Week 2022: Celebrating Nurses Who Make a Difference

National Nurses Week 2022 is on the horizon. We’re taking the time to honor and appreciate all hardworking nurses on the frontlines of healthcare. 

Use this celebratory guide to walk you through the importance of National Nurses Week and ideas for celebrating your favorite nurse—or nurses—this 2022. 

What is National Nurses Week?

National Nurses Week is a week dedicated to celebrating nurses nationwide. The week was officially observed in 1993 by the American Nurses Association (ANA).

When is National Nurses Week?

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually beginning with National Nurses Day on May 6, and culminating on May 12, the birthdate of Florence Nightingale. There are special days throughout the week dedicated to certain fields of nursing. 

Inspiring Nurses Making A Difference

As the pandemic raged, many nurses courageously took on more work than ever before. Ivette Palomeque, RN BSN, traveled to New York from Houston, TX to take a COVID-19 assignment because of the rise of cases. She emphasized in her time there, no matter what the circumstance, all healthcare workers came together to do their part. 

She spoke of an instance in which a doctor aided her in giving a bed bath, changing linens, and even turning patients. She said the teamwork she experienced was a “glimmer of hope” as COVID-19 surged throughout the country. 

This act of courage is not exclusive to the United States—nurses across the world stepped up to help their community. Joan Poah, a 30-year-old rower from Singapore, was training full-time for the 2020 Tokyo Games when her government called for frontline medical workers to aid in the pandemic. Joan quickly returned back to work as a nurse, but she didn’t give up training. Joan juggled both training and nursing and was Singapore’s only female rower competing in the Tokyo Games in 2021. 

Joan’s and Ivette’s inspiring stories show us how dedicated and resilient our nurses are to help despite difficult circumstances. 

How to Celebrate Nurses During the Pandemic

It’s important to recognize the efforts behind the nursing profession, especially during these challenging times. National Nurses Week is an opportunity to celebrate a special nurse who’s a part of your life or community. 

Here are a few ideas to show your appreciation for nurses during National Nurses Week 2022:

  • Organize a gift set with lotion, gum, notepads, and everyday essentials
  • Treat the healthcare unit to pizza and their favorite snacks
  • Send thank-you letters and personalized notes of appreciation
  • Host a virtual celebration party and showcase an honorary slideshow presentation

Nurse’s Appreciation Week also celebrates student nurses. Student nurses deserve a pat on the back as oftentimes they’re graduating from their nursing program to enter the frontlines and, overall, assist with the nursing shortage. 

The Pandemic is Making our Nursing Shortage Worse. Nursing Students can Help.

National Student Nurses Day is celebrated on May 8, so let’s encourage student nurses as they continue to study and acquire the skills to pursue the nursing profession.

Treat nursing students on National Student Nurses Day by:

  • Bringing them a cup of their favorite coffee or tea
  • Sending them positive notes of encouragement
  • Purchasing them a school item off their Amazon wishlist
  • Hosting a virtual study break session with online games and activities

Nurses and student nurses, we appreciate you and your hard work and we’re celebrating you this week, the rest of 2022, and for years to come. Happy National Nurses Week!


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