Getting Premium Access for Your Students

Getting Premium Access for Your Students

Picmonic helps educators who care about student success. With Picmonic, students learn better, retain information 3x longer, and enjoy better learning outcomes.

Picmonic is research-proven to help students retain what they learn 3x longer. Picmonic incorporates known memory science techniques to maximize long-term retention and is designed to engage students in learning so they are better prepared for their classes and exams, on their way to becoming outstanding healthcare professionals.

Getting Picmonic for your students is easy. Educators can sign up for free Premium Trial access and provide links to Picmonic Playlists or integrate Picmonic into their LMS assignments. At a free level, students can access 1 Picmonic video & set of quiz questions each day, plus their daily spaced-repetition review quiz. And if educators simply want to make Picmonic available for their students to access on their own, that’s easy too!

When students have Premium access to Picmonic, each day they can learn-review-quiz an unlimited number of Picmonic’s 1,000+ topics.

If Educators want Premium access to be available to their students, there are several options for doing this:

  1. We can give you a block of 1-year access codes at a significant discount (lower than Student annual prices, 50 block minimum) for you to purchase and give to students as needed, to be given out within a certain span of time.
  2. If you would prefer to just give them a 20% discount for purchasing Picmonic Premium on their own, you can do so with the referral link from your Educator account. Be the hero! Just copy the link that appears on your dashboard and share it with students. There is no expiration date for the discount they receive by using your link to purchase.
  3. If your school would like to make Picmonic a required student purchase for 25 students or more, we can set up a purchasing portal for your school that gives all of your students a 40% discount. We will also provide scholarships for up to 5% of the class for you to use at your discretion.
  4. You can always make scholarships available to any students with a financial need, by adding a link on your school’s resource page to our scholarship application page. Just reach out to us HERE and we can provide you with a custom link.

We also offer 6-week free Premium Pilots for schools, a lunch and learn presentation where we offer discounts to attendees, and Picmonic Premium Institutional Licenses. Reach out if you’d like more information about these options.

Ready to learn more about how you can use Picmonic Premium to support your students? Please schedule a call and we’ll help you evaluate the best options for your school.

For an overview of Picmonic that you can share with your colleagues, download our Overview Guide to Picmonic.

If you would like to share a flyer that introduces Picmonic to your students, download the appropriate document:

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