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Developmental Stages
Age 4 Years - Developmental Milestones

Learn 4 Year Old Child Developmental Milestones

Picmonic goes beyond textbooks! We use fun characters and stories to make learning about key 4-year-old developmental milestones easy and engaging. Ensure your child thrives with Picmonic's visual approach to learning language, motor skills, and more!

Age 4 Years - Developmental Milestones

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Age 4 Years - Developmental Milestones

(4) Fork and Year-sun
By 4 years of age, children are usually able to hop on 1 foot and stand on 1 foot for 2 seconds. Additionally, 4 year olds can normally count to 10 and draw stick figures. At this age, children also begin to develop quite an imagination and will frequently play with imaginary friends. They learn how to use buttons and zippers and groom themselves like brushing their hair and brushing their teeth. Children at this age also frequently learn how to use scissors. Another important milestone that occurs at 4 years is at children’s birth height typically doubles.
Hop on One Foot
Hopping on One Foot

Children at this age are able to hop on one foot two to three times.

Copies Square

By four years of age, children should be able to copy a square shape, as well as a line or circle. At this age, most children are also doodling and are able to draw simple stick figures.

Uses Fork Well
Using (4) Fork

By age 4, a child is able to hold a fork and feed themselves like an adult. It is at this time he or she is ready to learn table manners.

100% Speech Understandable
All Speech Heard

By four years of age, approximately 100 percent of children's speech should be understandable to complete strangers. They should be using complete sentences and prepositions, and know some basic rules of grammar when speaking.

Identifies Colors

At this age, children are able to recognize and identify colors.

Cooperative Play
Couple-of-kids Playing

At four years old, a child should be engaging in cooperative play and enjoy other children’s company.

Imaginary Friends
Imaginary Friend

Four-year-old children often have vivid imaginations and have a difficult time telling the difference between what is real and what is make-believe. At this stage, they will often develop imaginary friends


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