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Ranson's Criteria on Admission

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Ranson's Criteria on Admission

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Ranson's Criteria on Admission

Ransom-note Admitted into Court
A commonly used scaling system used to predict the prognosis and severity of acute pancreatitis, Ranson’s criteria consists of eleven parameters; five are assessed immediately on admission, and six are assessed as they develop over the next 48 hours, and the score is totaled. This card details the five admission criteria.
Mortality Predictor for Acute Pancreatitis
Death Prediction and Acute-angle Pancreas-on-fire

The Ranson’s Criteria can be thought of as a mortality predictor in patients with acute pancreatitis. With an increasing score, the mortality, or the likelihood of the patient dying due to the current episode of acute pancreatitis, will also increase. One point is assigned per criteria met.

GA LAW (Each is +1)
Georgia Law-sign in court

Use this mnemonic to remember the areas to monitor on admission for the ransons criteria.

Glucose > 200 mg/dL
Glue-bottle Greater-than (200) Tooth-fairy

Glucose is one of the values measured on a basic metabolic panel, or BMP. Patients are given 1 point for a blood glucose level >200 mg/dL.

Age > 55 Years
Age Greater-than (50) Cent with (5) Hand

If the patient is older than 55, they may have a worse prognosis, and are given 1 point towards their score.

LDH > 350 U/L
Lady-Horn Greater-than (350) Hand-cuffs

Lactate dehydrogenase is an enzyme that converts pyruvate to lactate and found within RBCs. It is measured as an independent lab test, and is a sensitive indicator of acute pancreatic damage. A score >350 U/L warrants adding 1 point to the patient’s score.

AST > 250 U/L
Ass-tea Greater-than (250) Trailer

Aspartate transaminase is an enzyme that converts aspartate and alpha-ketoglutarate into oxaloacetate and glutamate. It is measured on a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, or CMP, and is a marker of acute pancreatic inflammation. An AST >250 U/L means the patient should have 1 point added.

WBC Count > 16,000/mm3
White-mac-man Greater-than Sweet (16) Cake

When white blood cells (WBC) are high, it is called leukocytosis and may indicate infection or inflammation in the setting of acute pancreatitis. The normal WBC count is below 12,000/mm3, and a lab value of > 16,000/mm3 indicates adding 1 point to the patient’s score.


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