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Brainstem with 4x4s
Also known as the trochlear nerve. It is a motor nerve that controls the superior oblique extraocular muscle.
Trochlear Nerve
Truck Pulling Eyes

The nucleus of the trochlear nerve exists in the caudal midbrain. This cranial nerve is unique from all others because it’s fibers cross the midline prior to exiting the brainstem and they exit from the dorsal surface of the brainstem.


The trochelar nerve is a somatic motor neuron.

Abducts, Depresses, Internally Rotates
Trucks Abducting, Depressing and Internally Rotating Eyes

CN IV controls the superior oblique muscle which abducts, depresses and internally rotates the eye. If damaged the eye drifts upward leading to vertical diplopia. This manifests when reading the newspaper or walking down stairs.

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