Week Three Picmonic Roadtrip in Review

New York, NEW YORK! (and a little bit of New Jersey too!)

Did you know there are 16 medical schools in New York? 5 on Manhattan alone! We visited 7 schools this week and had a few moments to sight see one of the most amazing cities. Marlboro.


Labor Day for many is a day of rest & relaxation. For Adeel and I Labor Day meant traveling, prepping and planning for the week ahead! Also known as creating promo codes.

We spent the night at Tammy’s parents house in Marlboro, NJ and ate the most amazing Italian food.  Now, I realize in my last post I mentioned Toll Roads. I had no idea about the highway robbery we were about to experience in New York. We had a $13 toll!!!! Just to drive on the road!! But I digress…


Adeel and I headed to Syracuse New York to meet and present to the students at SUNY Upstate. ON our way there someone on the Picmonic team got his or her first speeding ticket. Any guesses? We had a great conversation with Sharon and Mary Anne and got to spend some time after the presentation talking to the students about Picmonic.  Thanks Caleb for the recommendations!


We met up with Tammy, our awesome Picmonic team member who helped us navigate the city and cover as many schools as possible.  We traveled to Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the south Bronx (the south, south Bronx). We had a lunch & learn with students thanks to Tammy and her old college friend Andrew, a 2nd year M.D. PhD.

After our meeting at Albert Einstein we headed to Al’s apartment in Chelsea (Adeel’s Bbrother).  In front of Al’s apartment they happened to be filming an episode of Law & Order SVU! Check out Ice-T!


Al and Tammy set off to visit three schools in Manhattan to meet with students and administrators. First was Cornell Weill, where we met with the awesomely helpful Dr. Murray, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and a first year student, Dan. They marked their territory by spreading around some “Picmonic was here!” fliers in the residence halls, and high-tailed it out to go meet Al’s friend at NYU.

Meanwhile, Adeel gave up our coveted free parking spot visited SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn (Luckily he found another one). And if you’re wondering who was sending out all those e-blasts, it might have been me… Did you take advantage of your campus advocate’s 20% off promotion?  What? Your campus doesn’t have an advocate? You should fix that here!

Al and Tammy bussed it down to NYU, where they met our Picmonic advocate who we thanked and hooked up with some free swag. After quick updates on what Picmonic’s been working on, and a few rousing games of ping-pong, they headed to their last destination Mt. Sinai.

Tammy and Al regrouped here with Adeel, and meet with students in the gorgeous Mt. Sinai lobby, hooked them up with some more free Picmonic swag and end of a successful day 2!


Friday Adeel and I packed up the car (again), gave up our free parking spot (again) and headed to Long Island to visit the great spaceship that is SUNY Stony Brook. We had an awesome presentation thanks to Catherine and Nathan. Every once and a while we bring salads to presentations. Partially because we know med students eat healthy but also because we had a year supply of Chipotle and pizza over the last 3 weeks. Mental note- salads here, were a big hit.


Simultaneously, Al and Tammy got to NJMS just in time, pizza in tow. They met with Anni and Stuti, two first year friends of Tammy who helped set everything up. Thank you! We presented to the students, and hung out afterwards to talk to our awesome newfound advocates: Anni, Stuti, and Dan. Al and Tammy drove back to a well-deserved meal of delicious Thai food, and headed into the city to celebrate a week of work well done.


Over the weekend we did the usual catching up on e-mails, using up our lives on Candy Crush and checking out everything Manhattan had to offer. Although Marlboro is a great city. New York truly blew us away!

Alana Yuen

Alana Yuen, Artist, Events Coordinator & Student Success Ninja

As one of Picmonic’s artists, Alana enjoys drawing the characters that represent the crazy facts you need to remember. She also helps set up Picmonic info sessions for schools across the world. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and considers herself the official “east coast branch” of Picmonic.

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