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Week One – Picmonic Roadtrip in Review

Well, we did it. We survived our first week on the road. We traveled over 2,300 miles, spent 36 hours in the car, visiting 10 schools, in 9 states, with a total of 25 hours sleep. As cheesy as it sounds: meeting the advocates, fans and future users is what kept us going. Especially on those 4 hours of sleep nights. We can’t thank you enough for your warm welcomes. Here’s our week in review: MONDAY We woke up Monday at 2:30am to kick off the trip. Our first stop- University of New Mexico! After sunrise #1. We tested out the rental car to see how fast we could take it… or we were racing to make our first presentation on time. Either way, thanks to Elizabeth we were able to present to the 2nd year students. We hope to come back soon and show the 1st years Picmonic! It seemed like as soon as we unpacked we were off, attempting to make it to Texas Tech before our presentation at 7:00pm. Jacob helped us set up our presentation and recommended “One Guy From Italy” pizza, which was a huge hit. We spent some time chatting with the students and met two Picmonic fans Grace & Alex. Grace suggested we take Picmonic into the air (in our dreams!). We had a quick night sleep in Amarillo, and at 3:30am, we were off again! TUESDAY 2 words. Qwik Trip. Between the gasoline and the coffee this is what is fueling the road trip. Our 3rd stop was University of Oklahoma. The campus was beautiful. So beautiful that a little part of us wished we went there. We checked out the medical school and nursing school. The schools were huge! We swung by Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Tulsa. Tulsa is a charming city, the Arkansas River runs right through the middle of town, which makes for a very nice view. After our quick visit to Tulsa, we headed on to Kansas! On our route to Kansas, Adeel began to tell some interesting med school stories. The stories were so hilarious that I forgot to watch the gas gauge. We ran out of gas, in the middle of nowhere with 1 mile to the closest gas station. Somehow, we were able to coast in on fumes to Casey’s General store and gas up! Back on the road…. WEDNESDAY We made it to Kansas. We woke up at 4:30am to bring the students of KCUMB breakfast! Shout out to Will, Matt, and John for helping us with the presentation and introducing us to Ray the learning specialist. After KCUMB we headed over to University of Kansas. Ben helped us maneuver our way to the classroom where we presented to the students and learning specialist. At KUMC they have an awesome mascot: Jay Doc. We wished we could have spent more time at KU and traveled down to check out the campus in Lawrence but the clock was ticking and we needed to make our next stop at UMKC. Did you know they have a combined baccalaureate/medical degree 6-year program? We popped in quickly to said hi and gave a quick presentation. THURSDAY Thursday was 4 days in a row waking up before the rooster crows. We were up at 3am driving to AT Still Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. We drove through the back roads, fog, dodged deer and skunks. Mike helped set up our meet and greet with the students and gave us a great tour of the school. Did you know that AT Still University- Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine was the birthplace of Osteopathic Medicine? At ASTU-KCOM they have one of 4 perfectly dissected nervous systems preserved in their museum! We drove another 3 hours to Des Moines where we had a meeting with Dr. Mary Johnson from Des Moines University to introduce her to Picmonic. Brian from ATSU-KCOM recommended we go to Jethro’s BBQ for lunch in Des Moines. The macaroni and cheese was delicious, they had a variety of BBQ sauces to taste and I’m pretty sure we tasted all of them. Adeel liked it so much that he ate all of his and half of mine! We’re paying for it now…. No time to get comfortable or take a deep breath to digest! It seems as soon as we arrived in Des Moines we were already en route to Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a beautiful city at night. We arrived just in time to catch this sunset. After a few recommendations, we hit the town to check out the nightlife and city. We went to the local and had the infamous “Big Ginger”, Brit’s and the Newsroom. The rooftop bar at Brit’s was awesome; we watched lawn bowling and enjoyed the beautiful weather- stark contrast from our home state! FRIDAY Friday was the first day we got to sleep past 5am. After 4 days of eating “road food” we decided to grab our sneakers, part ways and hit the pavement for some exercise. It was a great way to tour the city in a short time. We saw the Mississippi River, Spoonbridge and Cherry, Schmitt Music Mural, and Loring Park. We went to Chipotle to pick up lunch for the 1st year students at University of Minnesota that we were presenting to. The line at chipotle was out the door and all the way down the street! You would have thought it was Halloween and they were giving away free burritos! Thanks to Bryce, we had a great meeting with the MS1’s and hope to come back again soon for a Big Ginger and present to the 2nd years. Next stop, Milwaukee! We made time to stop by AJ Bombers and pick up some late night cheese curds (a first for Adeel and I)!  Then we made our way down to Illinois. Yep that’s 10 states in 5 days and we are ready for the weekend! SATURDAY Saturday we slept in, lounged around, answered emails and went to the White Sox Game!
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