Quiz Challenge

You can now challenge your friends to a battle of wits via rapid recall quiz. Only Premium members can launch one, but anyone can join in, even Picmonic Free members! 

To launch a Quiz Challenge:

  1. Take a Quiz on a Picmonic or Playlist
  2. At the end of your Quiz, you will see an option to Launch a Challenge
  3. You’ll get a unique link to invite others to your Challenge (via social, email, carrier pigeon etc). They don’t even need Premium access to accept your Challenge!

To join an existing Quiz Challenge, you just need to be invited by someone via their direct Quiz Challenge link!

You’ll be able to see your Challenge stats on your Home Screen:

Rules of Engagement:

      • A maximum of 20 questions will be randomly selected from the Challenge launcher’s original Quiz
      • You only get to take the Quiz once, no redos
      • Each Challenge expires in 48 hours
      • Answer quickly for extra bonus points!

Other Info:

> Sharing

You can Challenge a friend to beat your score on any Quiz by sharing a direct link. There is no maximum to the # of friends you can Challenge. Your friends can also share the link with others, expanding your list of foes!

> Number of Quiz questions

The maximum number of questions in any Challenge will be 20. If a Quiz Challenge is launched from a Quiz containing more than 20 questions, 20 questions will be randomly selected and an updated score will be calculated.

> Challenging non-Premium members

You can challenge anyone! They will just need a Free or Premium Picmonic account to accept your Challenge.

> Stats & Scores

You can find your Challenge history, scores, and stats on your Home Screen. To see the Quiz Challenge Home Screen tile, you’ll need to have launched or joined at least one Quiz Challenge. Anyone you challenge will be able to see what you scored on the Quiz you challenge them with.

> How we calculate your Overall Stats

Challengers DefeatedChallengers Defeated: This stat tells you how many Challengers you have conquered, in the event you won the Challenge upon its completion. In the event multiple winners tie for the top spot, all winners will get credit for defeating all remaining Challengers. You can tell that you have won a completed Challenge by seeing your section turn green on your Home Screen tile:

Challengers Defeated Challenges Completed:
This stat tells you how many Challenges you have successfully taken part in. You’ll need at least 1 Challenge launcher and 1 Challenge joiner for it to count as a “Completed Challenge”. Otherwise it’s just you taking a Quiz by yourself, silly!

Challengers Defeated Wins: This stat tells you how many times you’ve won. In the event multiple winners tie for the top spot, all winners will get credit for winning.

What’s the difference between “Wins” and “Challengers Defeated”?
In the event you win 1 Challenge, but have 50 other Challengers in your Quiz Challenge, then you’ve earned 1 “Win” and 50 “Challengers Defeated”.

Have other questions? Reach out to feedback@picmonic.com!

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Erika Bankhead

Erika Bankhead, UI/UX Designer & Student Success Ninja

As Picmonic’s lead Student Success Ninja, Erika works to improve Picmonic for students across the globe. 

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