Picmonic V2 Will Change the Way You Think About Studying

Picmonic V2 is almost here!

Wondering what that means for you?

As you’ve probably seen on your Picmonic Dashboard, V2 of Picmonic is coming- SOON. What does that mean? A whole lot of exciting changes are about to revolutionize the way you study with Picmonic. It’s faster, prettier, and overall better! Want to know the specifics? Keep reading!

image (1)

Improved custom playlists!

Those custom stacks you know and love? We took them to the next level. You can add and delete cards whenever you need to, and drag and drop the cards they contain until they’re in the perfect order.

image (2)

 A brand new look!

Take a second to look at that screenshot. It looks GOOD, doesn’t it? That’s the sweet sweet look of V2. Get excited.

image (3)

 Better definitions display!

We know what you came here for: to learn facts and definitions faster and easier. Changes to the V2 display make it even easier to get all the information you need at a glance.

image (4)

 Test your knowledge!

The Quiz Mode will help you test your retention of each card. Combined with the confidence scale, it’s the perfect way to see how well you’re remembering all the important facts for med school.

This is only a taste of all the awesome improvements and changes we’ve made to Picmonic with the new V2. You won’t have to wait much longer before taking your studying to the next level again with Picmonic!

Erika Bankhead

Erika Bankhead, UI/UX Designer & Student Success Ninja

As Picmonic’s lead Student Success Ninja, Erika works to improve Picmonic for students across the globe. 

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