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Picmonic Launches Innovative Audiovisual Learning System to Help More Students Become Nurses

Picmonic for Nursing Addresses the Growing Need for Effective, Engaging Study Tools that Improve Performance on the NCLEX® Exam


PHOENIX, Ariz. (February 4, 2015) – Picmonic Inc — the revolutionary audiovisual educational learning system — has launched Picmonic for Nursing, a highly effective, research proven study aid featuring pictorial mnemonics called “Picmonics” which help students excel in their nursing studies and improve performance on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX® exam).

With the rigorous pace of nursing school and heavy workloads, today’s nursing student is overwhelmed with curriculum mastery and passing the NCLEX® exam – a requirement to become a registered nurse (RN) or practical nurse (PN). Based on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s Exam Statistics & Publications, in 2014, almost 90,000 (30%) of all nursing student exam takers did not pass the NCLEX® exam, which has increased by 3% from 2013.

Picmonic for Nursing focuses on the most challenging topics that are commonly tested on exams to help improve curriculum mastery and NCLEX® exam pass rates. Research has demonstrated that by transforming traditional text-based information into vivid, interactive Picmonics, student’s can increase their long-term memory retention by over 300% and improve exam performance by 50%.

“We saw a similar challenge with medical students when we started Picmonic in 2011. Now there are over 65,000 medical students around the world integrating Picmonic into their every-day studies with great success,“ stated Ron Robertson, co-founder & CEO of Picmonic. “With over four times as many nursing students as medical students in the US, and 30% not passing the NCLEX® last year, it was critical for us to create a product that addressed the demands and requests of this complementary market.”

Dr. JoAnn Zerwekh, noted nursing educator, author, and consultant led the development of Picmonic for Nursing, ensuring the content and instructional design were aligned for nursing school curriculum and NCLEX® preparation. Picmonic for Nursing includes over 500 unforgettable audiovisual Picmonics covering pharmacology, medical surgical, fundamentals, anatomy, physiology, pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatry and more.

“I partnered with Picmonic because I am passionate about creating better learning systems for nursing students,” said Dr. Zerwekh. “We built an exceptional resource that will change how the modern nursing student studies for nursing school and the NCLEX® exam.”

Pricing and Availability
Picmonic for Nursing is available now at Subscriptions are offered at $14.99 monthly or $124.99 annually.

Picmonic for Nursing User Testimonials
Over 28,000 nursing students have already been using the Picmonic for Nursing beta with great success:

“Picmonic not only made it easy to remember the small details, it made them practically impossible to forget,” said Megan Linane, nursing graduate with high honors, College of DuPage. “The cards are creative and fun, and it almost feels like you’re not studying.”
“The concepts I learn through Picmonic takes less time to learn, freeing up time to focus on other things. I have been recommending it to everyone I know.” – Andrew Tsitsilianos, The Commonwealth Medical College

“I am a visual learner and truly found Picmonic helpful, so I can give honest testimony to how great it is. I honestly believe I may not have passed Pharmacology without it.” – Josephine Taylor, Texas Nursing Student Association

“I love picmonic. I think it is an excellent addition to anyone’s study routine. It’s kind of like a break from studying, yet it’s not.” -Juana Romero, Tarrant County College Nursing Department


About Picmonic
Picmonic Inc, brings the power of social visual platforms to learning. Picmonic gives every student the power to create an engaging and personalized learning experience, while building a connected and collaborative learning community through the use of highly effective audiovisual study cards, called “pictorial mnemonics” or Picmonics. Established in 2011, Picmonic Inc is headquartered in Tempe, AZ. Follow Picmonic on Twitter and Facebook.

About Dr. JoAnn Zerwekh
Nurse educator, author, curriculum consultant, and entrepreneur, JoAnn Zerwekh, EdD, RN, founded Nursing Education Consultants in 1981. The company provides NCLEX® Review courses. In addition to authoring several NCLEX® review guides, JoAnn is the creative genius behind the popular Memory Notebook of Nursing series of books and CD that provide memory aids and mnemonics for students.

Marlee Liberman

Marlee Liberman, RN, Master Nursing Scholar

As a registered nurse, Marlee understands the struggles that nursing school throws at you – not to mention the overwhelming pressure preparing for the NCLEX®! Marlee brings a unique skill set and perspective to Picmonic with her previous degree in broadcast journalism, her creativity in video production, and her wandering nomad lifestyle. Her blend of talents provides her with the knack for simplifying complicated concepts and demystifying the world of nursing.

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