It's a Med Residency Match! Match Day 2021

Match Day 2021: How Tom K. Matched with His Dream Residency

match day testimonial on how picmonic helped Tom K. study for boards

Congratulations to Tom K. who matched into his dream residency — Internal Medicine at Unity Health Medical Center located in Arkansas. Read on for his Match Day 2021 story. 

So I matched into Internal Medicine at Unity Health Medical Center located in Arkansas! They say each specialty attracts a specific kind of personality and I’d like to add that the location does as well. Some people thrive at medical centers located in the hustle and bustle of major cities while others prefer the family-like environment of suburban institutions. So it’s important for medical students to know where they thrive and what kind of environment works best with their personality.

I like Internal Medicine because it has many opportunities for fellowship opportunities (ie. Cardiology, GI, etc). I have no immediate preference with respect to fellowships right now but I would like to see what subspecialty tugs on my heart as I go through my training.

I was driving back from the grocery store when I received the email notification on March 19! As soon as I parked in my garage I took a deep breath and promised myself that I’d be happy no matter what and opened that email. When I saw that I matched at Unity Health in AR I was ecstatic, as I really like the program!

I think upcoming medical students should enter medical school with an open mind about what specialty they want to pursue. They should focus on understanding rather than brute force memorization. Obviously, there are certain things that need to be memorized and there’s no getting around that and that’s where tools like Picmonic come in handy. 

Picmonic offers a truly efficient way of organizing and compartmentalizing large quantities of information in a compact fashion which makes recall that much easier. This becomes especially useful when studying for the USMLE board exams. Picmonic was paramount when I was studying for my boards and I still refer back to it whenever I need to quickly recall a particular detail.


I’d say one thing I’d wish I did sooner was focusing on spaced repetition. It’s important to utilize and integrate resources like Picmonic into your daily course studying beginning in your first year.

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