Making quizzes better!

Based on student feedback, we are now showing you all of the answer choices after you answer a question as well as sourcing feedback to improve the difficulty of quizzes:

  • Many of you have asked to see all of the answer choices after an answer has been selected.
    desktop-quiz-old desktop-quiz-new
  • In order to make quizzes more challenging you can downvote incorrect answers that are too easy or similar to the correct answer to never see it again and help remove it from the system.
  • You can add custom incorrect answers to a quiz question that the community will be able to see and vote on by clicking on the suggest improvements button and scrolling to the bottom.
    mobile-portrait-suggest_improvements mobile-portrait-add-distractor
  • If you don’t like this added functionality you can disable voting in the Quiz more menu.

Have feedback? Reach out to to let us know!

Alana Yuen

Alana Yuen, Artist, Events Coordinator & Student Success Ninja

As one of Picmonic’s artists, Alana enjoys drawing the characters that represent the crazy facts you need to remember. She also helps set up Picmonic info sessions for schools across the world. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and considers herself the official “east coast branch” of Picmonic.

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