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Learn the Order of the Planets with Picmonic

If you can remember physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and parasitology, what else can you remember with Picmonic? Could you remember something relevant to everyone like, say, the order of the planets? Let’s find out.

Today, Picmonic is helping over 170,000 students in multiple areas of study prepare for classes and the boards using the amazingly effective technique of visual mnemonics.

All of us here at Picmonic are avid believers in the power of visual memory techniques, and while it’s already working for students across the country and internationally, we know this stuff is too good to be true just for healthcare fields. We’ve created and curated content for medicine, nursing, PA, law, pre-health, pharmacy, and more, and we’re still going. But we’re constantly wondering, how far can we take this? How much more can we remember with Picmonic?

The Art of Memory

We’ve been lucky enough to encounter another visualization activist recently, memory athlete, and Australian Memory Champion, Daniel Kilov. We were blown away by his lecture, the Art of Memory, at TEDx Macquarie University, in which he taught an audience how to visualize a story and memorize the order of the planets. He was able to accomplish what Picmonic strives to deliver, without even using a picture! So we reached out to Daniel and decided to convert his compelling story into an original Picmonic image.

After talking with Daniel (which was a little tricky considering the time difference between Arizona and Australia), we discovered a truly shared passion for empowering students and learners everywhere to use a better way to memorize information.

Whether it’s a deck of cards, a series of abstract shapes, a grocery list, or high-yield medical facts, employing tricks of visual memory simply makes things simple.

This little side project of ours has been a few months in the making, but we’re excited to share the final product with you. We’ve taken Daniel’s lecture from Macquarie University and combined it with an original piece of art from the Picmonic team to bring you an unforgettable Picmonic creation to help you memorize the order of the planets forever. Something once tricky and easily forgotten is now going to be ingrained in your memory forever.

Well Go On… Learn the Order of the Planets!

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