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Digital Download: 6 Months to Step Workbook

6 Months to Step Workbook

Get Your Dream USMLE Step 1 Score

Thanks for checking out our FREE Digital Downloadable: 6 Months to Step Picmonic Workbook!

In it you’ll find:

👉 USMLE Step 1 Study Timeline broken down month-by-month with checklists
👉 Pencil Villain’s Top 50 Need to Know High Yield Picmonics Playlist
👉 50 full-color HD printable Picmonics
👉 Guide to mastering Picmonic
👉 Fun review games
👉 Plus tips and tricks to help guide you through USMLE Step 1 prep

USMLE Step 1 Prep
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USMLE Step 1 Score & Study Plan

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