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Covers MORE nursing school topics. Retain what you learn 331% longer. Since 2014, hundreds of thousands of nursing students have trusted Picmonic to help them pass the NCLEX the first time.

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"Better Test Scores"

RN Student
Moorefield, West Virginia - Eastern West Virginia Community And Technical College

Since I started using Picmonic I have seen a drastic change in my test scores. Picmonic has helped me pass and get high scores on the HESI exams for my program, and has helped me pass all of my tests thus far.

"Most Important Info"

Victoria C.
Victoria C.
RN Student
Dallas, Texas

Picmonic has really helped me remember signs, symptoms, and lab values. A lot of times textbooks can have extra information that won’t come up on a test and Picmonic really helps pick out the important points to know. Picmonic is very very helpful and an efficient way to remember/study.

"Helps Retain Info Better"

Tyler S.
Tyler S.
Licensed Practicing Nurse
Cedar Falls, Iowa - Hawkeye Community College

I love Picmonic because I am one of those students that had trouble reading straight from the textbook. With Picmonic's easily accessible platform, I feel like I save myself so much time. I also retain information better with Picmonic than any other resource I've used.

"Better Pharm & Pathophys Grades"

RN Student
Long Island, New York - Long Island University
I’m in my first semester of nursing school and I’ve been able to increase my scores on my pharmacology and pathophysiology tests from B- to B+/A-. I find the tutorials and quizzes easy to understand and useful as I can retain the content faster and longer due to the way the content is presented. I’ve found Picmonic invaluable to me and will continue to use it during each of my nursing school semesters.

"Helped me Pass the NCLEX"

Mia J.
Mia J.
RN Student
La Ronge

Picmonic provides nursing students with so many resources to build a strong foundation of understanding. From simple to complex subjects, picmonic makes everything so easy to understand and more importantly apply to our practice. I am so grateful for picmonic. It is a great program and it works! Thanks picmonic for helping me pass my NCLEX-RN at 75 questions!!

"Conquer Nursing School"

Cat S.
Cat S.
Stratford University

Picmonic is a great resource for Nursing students. No matter where you are on your journey, it can help to conquer subjects in nursing school. I will put Pharmacology on top of that list!

"Better Grades"

Jacqueline D.
Jacqueline D.
RN Student
DeKalb County, Georgia - Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Mercer University

Best. Thing. Ever.! -Thank you from a sleep-deprived Nursing student who just wants to retain what I'm learning AND get amazing grades!

"Aligned to Popular Textbooks"

Alexus D.
Alexus D.
RN Student
Concord, North Carolina - Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

Having Picmonic stories associated with common nursing textbooks has allowed me to have straight As this semester!!!

"Great for Pharmacology"

Justin M.
Justin M.
RN Student

United States

I got 103% in my Pharmacology class, and I used ONLY Picmonic to study and prepare!

"More Content than Sketchy"

Mussarat A.
Mussarat A.
RN Student
Picmonic is excellent in clearing the basic concepts and understanding to build on further knowledge on dense (difficult) topics. It breaks down the main topic into sub-topics, for example Antidepressants has 10 subdivisions, like SSRI’s, TCA’s and MAO’s etc. SketchyNursing is very limited right now, but Picmonic has a lot of content covered.

"More Efficient than Sketchy"

Steven D.
Steven D.
RN Student
New York

I love Picmonic! I also checked out something similar called SketchyNursing. Picmonic is the better choice for me because it's shorter and better illustrated. Sketchy is so long and drawn out that everything gets lost in details I don’t need. Picmonic’s iOS app makes it easy for daily review which is a must in nursing school! 

"Better for Exam Prep"

Stella K.
Stella K.
RN Student
Los Angeles, California - Los Angeles City College

Personally, Picmonic works for me because things are kept short and simple. SketchyNursing seems to have a let-me-teach-you-everything-in-one-video approach. I couldn’t watch more than 8 min of the videos because I felt like I was wasting time on small details.

Why Visual Learners Prefer Picmonic

Picmonic is the only visual learning resource that's been research-proven to help nursing students remember more in less time. Better than flashcards! With succinct 2-3 min mnemonic videos, you'll review more efficiently and effectively.

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A Comparison of Picmonic and Sketchy Apps

For Nursing
Videos / Topics1,200+67+
Quiz Questions14,000+650+
Avg. Video Length2-3 mins6-32 mins
Topic SummariesYesNo
Daily Quiz with Spaced RepetitionYesNo
Study SchedulerYesNo
Custom PlaylistsYesNo
Follow pg-by-pg w/ Popular BooksYesNo
Real Images & VideoYesNo
Board Style QuestionsNoYes
Customize & Share ContentYesNo
Study Guides / WorkbooksYesYes
Webinar VideosYesNo
Academic InfographicsYesNo
Integrated with Other Study AidsYesNo
Anki IntegrationYesNo
Mobile AppsYesYes
Validated by Published ResearchYesNo
Last Updated 1/2021

Which mnemonic flashcard resource is best for you when studying for exams? Here are the facts behind the testimonials. We compare both nursing study resources on content coverage, # videos, # quizzes, definitions, topic summaries, daily quiz with spaced repetition, study scheduler, custom playlists, real images and videos, flashcards, sharing content, customizing content, webinar videos, study guides, workbooks, academic infographics, integration with other study aids, aligned with popular textbooks, educator dashboard, LMS integrations, and mobile apps.

Save $40 Every Year

That's how much you'll save by choosing Picmonic for Nursing's visual mnemonic learning system over SketchyNursing. Plus, with Picmonic, you'll get more of the topic coverage you need to succeed at a fraction of the cost (less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month).

Yes Anatomy & EmbryologyYes Pharmacology
Yes Biochemistry
Yes Cardiology
Yes Dermatology
Yes Emergency Medicine
Yes Endocrinology
Yes Gastroenterology
Yes General Surgery
Yes Hematology
Yes Immunology & Oncology
Yes Infectious Disease
Yes Internal Medicine
Yes Microbiology
Yes Multisystem & Miscellanea
Yes Musculoskeletal (Orthopedics)
Yes Nephrology & Urology
Yes Neurology, Ophthalmology & Otology
Yes Obstetrics & Gynecology
Yes Pathology
Yes Pediatrics
Yes Pharmacology
Yes Physiology
Yes Psychiatry
Yes Public Health
Yes Pulmonology
Last Updated 11/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SketchyNursing?

Sketchy Nursing is a picture mnemonic visual resource that includes 67+ videos for Pharmacology.

Each 10-30 min video tells a story that accompanies a sketch. The story and characters relate to facts about the topic and uses word associations and visual cues to help students remember need-to-know facts.

Is SketchyNursing worth it? (Is it good, etc..)

Topics that are covered by Sketchy are discussed in-depth with lots of little details, which helps as a replacement for lectures or a supplement if one does not absorb the facts through lectures alone.

Is SketchyNursing enough for HESI, ATI and NCLEX study?

Although SketchyNursing does include board-style questions, SketchyNursing only covers Pharmacology (only a fraction of the topics covered by HESI, ATI and the NCLEX.

What is Picmonic?

Picmonic is a picture mnemonic visual resource that’s research proven to increase retention 331% and increase test scores 50%. With 1,200+ videos Picmonic covers many of the hardest to remember, high-yield subjects (like med-surg, fundamentals, psych, pharm and many more!), topics and facts that will be frequently tested in classes and board exams. Each 2-3 min video provides a succinct review of high-yield facts for easier, faster and more effective review throughout nursing school, and the NCLEX.

Can you use Picmonic and SketchyNursing together?

Nursing students who already use Sketchy tell us that they use Picmonic to cover the many topics that Sketchy does not cover. But more students tell us that they will use Picmonic because it is more efficient and effective, and covers all the topics they need to study for nursing school and the NCLEX.

What is the cost of SketchyNursing?

Sketchy Nursing costs $99.99 for 1 year, and only includes 67+ Pharmacology topics.

What is the cost of Picmonic?

Picmonic costs $60 for 1 year and $96 for two years. Therefore you can get coverage of more topics for twice as long for the same price as Sketchy Nursing (for less than the price of a cup of coffee each month!).

What is the best NCLEX study tool for nursing school?

Picmonic is one of the highest-rated study resources for nursing school by student users. Picmonic’s visual mnemonics help students retain what they learn in nursing school, especially the topics they are struggling with. Picmonic content is designed to provide effective review that enables acing of tricky exam questions by:

  • Making it easier to differentiate between similar facts
  • Easily showing related facts across topics
  • Maintaining consistent characters across topics

By the Numbers

More than 1 million healthcare students have used Picmonic to study in nursing school and ace board/certification exams on their way to becoming successful nursing professionals.

High-Yield Facts

*Pass NCLEX, guaranteed. If you do not pass we’ll hook you up with a full refund or double the length of your access free.

Pass the NCLEX Guaranteed