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Covers 4x More Physician Associate Topics

Both Picmonic and Sketchy PA turn what you need to know into engaging visual stories you’ll remember forever. So which one is the right PA study tool for you?

Retain the hardest to learn and most frequently tested facts 331% longer. Picmonic is the only research-proven visual learning resource for Physician Assistant students. Our smart spaced repetition learning algorithms automatically adjust to help you forget less and retain more. You’ll be ready for the PANCE at the end of your PA school journey.

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Christian Brothers University

Picmonic has helped make Physician Assistant school understandable and it has helped the information be more digestible. My average grade has gone up 7%, and I regularly use information gathered on this app to help others learn, and even to correct outdated information in powerpoints. I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who is an audio-visual learner, or for anyone who is an active person who likes to study on the go.


Jeffery L.
Jeffery L.
University of Nebraska

I love Picmonic. I admit the silly pictures made me skeptical at first, but if you truly commit, Picmonic will help you shine by crushing tests and impressing the attending on your clinical rotations! Commit!!

Aligns with the PANCE Blueprint

Ariel Benites Campa
Ariel Benites Campa
PA Student
San Antonio - University of Texas - HS Center at San Antonio

Picmonic is hands down my favorite study tool for PA school! Not only has it helped me to retain a ton of information during my didactic year of school, but it has done so in a way that doesn't even feel like I'm studying. I love the fact that they have such a wide variety of topics that neatly align with the PANCE blueprint as well. Picmonic definitely helped me maintain a high GPA so far during PA school, and I'd recommend it to anyone else going into PA school or a similar health care career pathway!

Why Visual Learners Choose Picmonic PA Over Sketchy PA

Comparing Picmonic PA to Sketchy PA

PicmonicSketchy PA
Videos / Topics1,800+415+
Quiz Questions22,000+0
Avg. Video Length2-3 mins10-30 mins
Topic SummariesYesNo
Daily Quiz with Spaced RepetitionYesNo
Study SchedulerComing soonNo
Custom PlaylistsYesNo
Follow pg-by-pg w/ Popular BooksYesNo
Real Images & VideoYesNo
Board Style QuestionsNoYes
Customize & Share ContentYesNo
Study Guides / WorkbooksYesNo
Webinar VideosYesNo
Academic InfographicsYesNo
Integrated with Other Study AidsLecturio • OnlineMedEd • OsmosisNo
Anki IntegrationYesYes
LMS IntegrationsYesNo
Student Engagement TrackingYesNo
Educator DashboardYesNo
Mobile AppsYesNo
Validated by Published ResearchYesNo
Student Price$168/yr$399.99/yr
Last Updated 11/2021

Which mnemonic flashcard resource is best for you? We compare both Physician Assistant student study resources on factors including content coverage, number of videos, number of quizzes, definitions, topic summaries, and features like daily quiz with spaced repetition, study schedulers, custom playlists, real images and videos, flashcards, customizing content, webinar videos, study guides, workbooks, academic infographics, and integration with other study aids. Plus we look at extras like Anki integrations and Add-Ons, alignment with popular textbooks, and mobile apps. PS, We have all those extras!

How PA Students use Picmonic & Sketchy PA


Picmonic for Physician Assistant

Sketchy for Physician Assistant
Last Updated 02/2022

Save Up To $500 with Picmonic for PA

With more than 1,800 two- to three-minute video mnemonics and 12,000+ quiz questions, you’ll boost retention and pass the PANCE or PANRE, while saving time and money! A subscription to Sketchy PA costs about $1,000 ($600 for 24 months + $400 for 12 months) over the three years of Physician Assistant school. For the most comprehensive and effective coverage of PANCE topics, three years of access to Picmonic for PA will save you more than $500.

Picmonic Physician Assistant Tool is Different

Picmonic is the only visual learning resource for PANCE and PANRE with powerful creator tools students can use to create the perfect study resource — just for them. Personalization isn’t something offered by other resources such as Sketchy PA. Add facts, characters, images, and videos. Customization also helps with retention, and can become an integral part of your PA school study routine.

More Than 1 Million Healthcare Students Served

Picmonic is the toolkit of choice for Physician Assistant students who want to master hard-to-learn topics and retain what they study 331% longer by harnessing the power of picture mnemonics and spaced repetition (that basically means daily quizzes).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sketchy PA?

Sketchy PA is a picture mnemonic visual resource featuring 415+ videos for Microbiology, Pharmacology, Systems, Surgery, Nutrition, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics. Sketchy is used as a study resource for PANCE. Each 10-30 min video has someone drawing out a sketch that tells a story. The story relates to facts about a certain topic and uses word associations along with visual cues to help students more easily recall those specific facts.

Is Sketchy PA worth it?

Topics covered by Sketchy PA are discussed in deep detail. Comprehensive treatment of specific topics can be a replacement for lectures, or used as a supplement if you’re not one of those Physician Assistant students who don’t absorb the facts through lectures alone.

How long is the Sketchy PA free trial?

The Sketchy free trial period is 14 days. After which you’ll be asked to sign up for a paid subscription to Sketchy PA.

Is Sketchy PA enough for PANCE?

Sketchy PA features 415+ lessons covering micro, pharm, systems, surgery, nutrition, Ob/Gyn, and peds. Your subscription to Sketchy PA also includes 415+ review cards, and is considered a PA school and PANCE study companion.

Does Sketchy have a mobile study app?

No, Sketchy doesn’t offer a mobile study app for PA students. Picmonic offers a PA mobile study app you can download for iOS and Android, to enable on-the-go studying — even when you don’t have an internet connection. As of 2021, the Picmonic for PA app has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. Be sure to read the reviews in the App store.

What is the Sketchy Method?

According to the website, the Sketchy Method is based on an ancient Greek memory technique called the “Method of Loci.” This method exploits the power of spatial learning to connect memories with specific objects placed in an imagined physical space.

What is Picmonic?

Picmonic is a picture mnemonic visual resource that’s research proven to increase retention 331% and increase test scores 50%. With 1,800+ video mnemonics, Picmonic covers many of the hardest to remember, high-yield subjects, topics, and facts frequently tested in classes and on the PANCE or PANRE. Each 2-3 min video provides a succinct review of facts for easier, faster, and more effective review throughout medical school and while studying for your PA boards.

Should I use Sketchy and Picmonic together?

Many Physician Assistant students who use Sketchy also use Picmonic to cover the topics Sketchy doesn’t cover.

What does Sketchy Medical cost?

A 12-month subscription costs $399.99 for Sketchy PA. A 24-month Sketchy PA subscription costs $599.99. Theoretically, you could spend up to $1,000 on Sketchy PA through your three years of PA school and studying for the board exams.

Does Sketchy have an Anki Add-On?

While Sketchy doesn’t have an Anki Add-On, Sketchy PA does offer 415+ review cards. But, Picmonic offers an Anki Add-On! Be sure to download the Picmonic Add-On from your desktop app.

Does Sketchy offer other products?

In addition to the newer Sketchy PA product, Sketchy products include Sketchy Preclinical, Sketchy Clinical, Sketchy Nursing, Sketchy Pharmacy, and Sketchy MCAT.

By the Numbers

Over 1 million healthcare students have used Picmonic to ace exams and boards/certifications on their way to becoming successful professionals.

High-Yield Facts

*Pass PANCE, guaranteed. Start using Picmonic in your first year. If you do not pass we’ll hook you up with a full refund or double the length of your access free.

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