Ace USMLE STEP & COMLEX exams with two powerful study resources for medical students.

Studying with Osmosis?

Easily click through to a Picmonic for a quick way to make the facts stick or learn topics that Osmosis does not cover.

Studying with Picmonic?

Picmonic offers efficient and effective 2-3 min videos to learn and review over 1,700+ topics. Access Osmosis when you need a more in-depth review.

Need Better Retention?

Picmonic’s research proven system increases retention 331%. Supplement Osmosis study routines with Picmonic topics you’re struggling to remember.

What Students Say


Students use Picmonic from the start of their first year all the way to their residency years. It’s a great investment throughout medical school.

Shota T.

I recommend starting your journey with Osmosis using it's schedule. But don't use all the sources at the same time. Then you can test yourself with UWORLD questions, which is very similar to the Usmle questions. Then you can start Osmosis over again with more sources. It will be more useful to use First Aid and Boards and Beyond (which you can include in your Osmosis's schedule). Besides, if you love learning with mnemonics - Picmonic videos, with it's space repetition, are the best source to memorize important details for a variety of topics.

Shota T.
Pedro O.

It's impossible to learn everything by heart. Use Osmosis to strengthen topic understanding then use Picmonic visual mnemonics to review, remember and retain. Once you do that, it's easier to study more effectively and remember facts longer.

Pedro O.
Audra S.

Osmosis will help you learn, Picmonic will help you remember, USMLERx will give you board style questions.

Audra S. - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine

Picmonic for memory, Osmosis for fundamental understanding, Amboss for deep learning.

Annie D.

Picmonic is great for remembering details, and Osmosis is great for clinical vignette questions to reinforce pathology.

Annie D. - Sanford School of Medicine of the University of South Dakota
Alycia E

Start with Osmosis to learn basic concepts, then immediately quiz yourself and start to memorize the information with Picmonic.

Alycia ELubbock, Texas - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Alix T

These are helpful and cover high yield topics for school and boards.

Alix TMiami, Florida - University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Winston D

You need two things: a resource that will explain topics to you like you are 5 years old (Osmosis) and then a resource that will help you memorize the information (Picmonic).

Winston DSan Antonio, Texas - University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

A Comparison of Picmonic and Osmosis

For MedicineFor Medicine
Content Coverage2,000+ Med Videos1,800+ Med Videos
Quiz Questions24,000+6,800+
Avg. Video Length2-3 mins5-10 mins
Topic SummariesYesYes
Daily Quiz with Spaced RepetitionYesYes
Study SchedulerYesYes
Custom PlaylistsYesYes
Follow pg-by-pg w/ Popular BooksYesNo
Real Images & VideoYesYes
Board Style QuestionsNoYes
Customize & Share ContentYesYes
Study Guides / WorkbooksYesNo
Webinar VideosYesYes
Academic InfographicsYesYes
Integrated with Other Study AidsYesYes
Anki IntegrationYesYes
Mobile AppsYesYes
Validated by Published ResearchYesNo
PricePicmonic for Medicine
Osmosis for Medicine
Last Updated 5/2021

Which visual mnemonic flashcard resource is best for you? We compare both med study resources on content coverage, # videos, # quizzes, definitions, topic summaries, daily quiz with spaced repetition, study scheduler, custom playlists, real images and videos, flashcards, sharing content, customizing content, webinar videos, study guides, workbooks, academic infographics, integration with other study aids, Anki integration, aligned with popular textbooks, educator dashboard, LMS integrations, and mobile apps.

"Study Smarter, Not Harder"


School does not have to be hard. Picmonic has helped over 1 million med students remember more in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is a medical video library that goes beyond medical lectures and helps students be better prepared for their medical careers. Many topics in Osmosis link to a Picmonic to increase retention of high-yield facts, and vice versa.

Should I use Osmosis and Picmonic together?

Osmosis and Picmonic are designed to be used together. When you study with either resource you can easily click through to the other, to enable better learning AND retention.

Do Osmosis and Picmonic have mobile apps?

Osmosis has a mobile app with practice questions and resources. In 2021, the app has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Picmonic offers a mobile app that you can download for iOS and Android, to enable on-the-go studying even without an internet connection. In 2021, the app has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, and you can read reviews in the App store.

How do I use Osmosis and Picmonic for USMLE STEP 1?

Medical students use both platforms to learn and retain high-yield information as they analyze the answers to Qbank questions. For in-depth coverage of a topic use Osmosis, then when you are ready, use Picmonic’s memorable visual mnemonics to lock in the facts long term.

How much does Osmosis cost?

1 year of Osmosis is $199. 1 year of Picmonic is $180 (10% less).

Is Osmosis free for students?

Osmosis offers a 1 week free trial. Picmonic offers a limited amount of daily content free (forever!).

Does Osmosis have an Anki Add-on?

No, Osmosis does not have an Anki Add-On. Picmonic also has an Anki Add-On that enables easy access to Picmonic videos and quizzes from any Anki flashcard.

What are Osmosis Workspaces?

Osmosis offers a private or team workspace where you can upload documents, analyze text, create flashcards and collaborate with your classmates.

By the Numbers

Over 1 million healthcare students have used Picmonic to ace exams and boards/certifications on their way to becoming successful professionals.

High-Yield Facts

*Pass STEP/COMLEX, guaranteed. Start using Picmonic in your first year. If you do not pass we’ll hook you up with a full refund or double the length of your access free.