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Use Picmonic for your ATI TEAS Prep

Maximize the effectiveness of ATI study resources by using Picmonic to master facts as you practice board-style questions.

Ace the ATI Nursing School Exam Using Picmonic

If you’re studying for the ATI TEAS test, apply your knowledge with ATI practice questions, then use Picmonic to help you review topics you’re struggling with so you can lock in the facts long term. Picmonic’s visual learning resource for nursing students has been research-proven to boost retention by 331%. Hundreds of thousands of healthcare students have trusted Picmonic to help them pass their nursing exams, like the ATI, with flying colors. With succinct 2-3 min videos and thousands of practice questions, you’ll study more efficiently and effectively throughout nursing school.

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How Students Study for ATI TEAS Exam with Picmonic

Learn + Test Knowledge

ATI is a good test of knowledge, but use Picmonic to build a foundation of knowledge first.

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Specific + Broad Review of Topics

Use Picmonic for learning specific concepts and ATI for reviewing overall ideas (search ATI topics on Picmonic).

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Follows the Textbooks

Picmonic’s audio/visual approach can increase retention, and our book playlists organize topics in a way that makes it easy to follow along with popular textbooks page by page.

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ATI TEAS Exam Prep Resources

Explore our diverse resources to conquer the TEAS and launch your nursing journey.

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How to Pass your Nursing Exit Exams: Tips for ATI and HESI

While you can try to figure out how to pass nursing school exit exams on your own, we recommend starting with these three test-taking tips and strategies we’ve compiled for each test.

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Study using Picmonics

How to Use Picmonic for Nursing Course Exams: HESI, ATI, NCLEX®

We’ve got the secret to surviving nursing school and remembering everything, forever! Using a 3-step system, Picmonic reduces your study time so you can stress less and remember more.

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Why Students use Picmonic + ATI Tools

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Picmonic is a good visual aid to ATI. There are differences in lab values that you need to study the ATI values and not the Picmonic for the ATI test, but it is a great supplement for visual learners.

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ATI helps the visual learner, if you also learn by reading. Picmonic is so concise and useful. If I only have time for one tool, I use Picmonic’s visual learning system.

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Both ATI and Picmonic are complementary to one another and using both can help to summarize and simplify any material learned in the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATI testing?

ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC) designs exams and study material used by nursing programs to measure and describe nursing student understanding of relevant academic content prior to taking the NCLEX® exam.

What is the ATI TEAS test?

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) test is an exam testing a pre-nursing student’s knowledge regarding their preparedness in the health science field. The test is sometimes used by nursing program admissions departments to assess a potential student’s academic foundation. The exam contains questions testing basic fundamental skills like reading, math, science, and english. Students often use Picmonic to learn and review the material for the exam.

How long is the ATI TEAS test?

The ATI TEAS test is limited to 209 minutes. Each section (Reading, Math, Science and English/Language) has a varying length of time allotted for questions. The test has a total of 170 multiple choice questions.

What is a good score on the ATI TEAS test?

A good score on the ATI TEAS test is a composite score between 58.7% – 77.3%. Whether a score is good enough to pass the exam depends on your nursing school.

Is the ATI TEAS test hard?

The ATI TEAS test can be a difficult exam, especially since the TEAS section requires students to apply prior knowledge. Therefore, having a study plan will greatly improve your chances of passing the exam. Picmonic playlists can be used as built in study plans and can greatly increase retention of important facts.

When should I use ATI?

For some nursing programs, ATI is mandatorily used for licensure and practice application. Other programs may use a different preparation company, or not use a program. ATI strives to assess student preparation months to years before the NCLEX examination, so their content is dedicated to assessment and building toward this challenge. Picmonic supplements and enhances understanding of ATI assessment content for and leads to a greater prepared and capable nursing student!

When should I use Picmonic?

Picmonic is a resource that students use to learn and retain hard to remember facts they need to know to do well in nursing school and to pass the NCLEX. The best time to use Picmonic is when reviewing or preparing for academic content in lecture, reflection during self-directed study, or before/after ATI assessment. Picmonic offers a variety of ways to organize study sessions, so experimenting with what works well for your schedule is the name of the game!

Can I use ATI and Picmonic when studying for the ATI TEAS test?

Yes, many students endorse using both to review and remember facts when preparing for the ATI TEAS. An example for use: after answering an ATI practice question, look up the topic in Picmonic, such as “signs and symptoms” and Picmonic helps you remember them.

How do I prepare for the ATI TEAS test?

Ideally, 6 weeks of preparation is recommended by ATI. However, knowing your strengths and weaknesses on academic content can help you determine a study schedule fitting your life schedule. Registering for the ATI TEAS test can occur within two weeks of test taking.

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