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Breast Disorders

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Fibroadenomas are benign lumps of fibrous and glandular tissue which must be biopsied to rule out cancer. These are small, mobile masses which often have well-defined edges. They are not a precursor to cancer, and increase in size and tenderness with estrogen exposure (e.g. in menstrual cycle).
Most Common Benign Breast Tumor
#1 Foam-finger benign-bunny

This is the most common benign breast tumor in women of childbearing age.

Stromal Tumor

Fibroadenomas are stromal tumors, and are composed of stromal tissue and epithelium. Typically, there is a whorled pattern with duct-like spaces surrounded by fibrous stroma.

Women under 40
Woman with Less Than 40-ounce

These tumors are very common, and mostly affect women who are of childbearing age, which is typically less than 40. The incidence of these tumors decreases with age.

Small, firm mass
Small, firm marbles

Fibroadenomas are small, firm masses which are freely mobile.

Sharp Edges
Sharp edges

These tumors are well-defined and have sharply delineated edges visible on ultrasound. They do not feel palpably different from normal breast tissue and are not attached to the chest wall.

Increased tenderness and size with Estrogen
Up-arrow Tenderizer and Increased Breast Size with Easter-egg

These tumors are partially hormone-dependent and increase in size and tenderness with estrogen exposure. Thus, many patients may complain of premenstrual pain but more commonly during pregnancy when increases in estrogen are prevalent.


Though this may be made as a clinical diagnosis in many patients, most doctors recommend a needle-biopsy to sample the tissue. This is done even more often in older patients, who do not typically develop fibroadenomas.


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