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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Review

Struggling with dry PNP review materials? Textbooks can leave you feeling unprepared. Ditch the memorization grind and unlock a fun way to learn pediatrics! Picmonic uses captivating stories, unforgettable characters, and interactive quizzes to bring child health to life.

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Pediatrics | Nurse Practitioner (NP) School Study Aid

105 Picmonics to Learn | 3 hrs 52 mins

Suggested Trial Topics
3 Picmonics
6 mins
Selected Topics in Pediatrics
3 Picmonics
6 mins
41 Picmonics
1 hr 7 mins
Early Developmental Milestones
18 Picmonics
28 mins
Psychosocial Development
14 Picmonics
19 mins
Pediatric Vaccination Schedules
6 Picmonics
9 mins
Developmental Neurology and Reflexes
3 Picmonics
11 mins
Pediatric Disorders
59 Picmonics
2 hrs 7 mins
Congenital Abnormalities
13 Picmonics
25 mins
Cardiac Abnormalities
4 Picmonics
7 mins
TORCH Infections
5 Picmonics
10 mins
Pediatric Psychiatric Disorders
5 Picmonics
12 mins
6 Picmonics
10 mins
Other Pediatric Disorders
17 Picmonics
40 mins
Pediatric Musculoskeletal Disorders
9 Picmonics
23 mins
Pediatric Infectious Disease
17 Picmonics
32 mins
Childhood Viral Exanthems
6 Picmonics
11 mins
Other Childhood Infections
11 Picmonics
21 mins

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