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Positive Signs of Pregnancy

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Positive Signs of Pregnancy

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Positive Signs of Pregnancy

Positive Pregnant-woman
Positive signs of pregnancy include signs that the fetus emits. These signs include observing the fetus on ultrasound or x-ray, auscultating the fetal heart rate, and observing fetal movements.
Fetus on Ultrasound
Fetus found by Ultrasound-machine

By 5-6 weeks gestation the fetus is able to be viewed by ultrasound and fetal heart rate is heard on ultrasound by 6 weeks. Observing the fetus or hearing the fetal heart rate on ultrasound is a positive sign of pregnancy.

Fetal Heart Rate by Doppler or Fetoscope
Fetus with Heart-timer predicted by Doppler-weatherman using Fetoscope

By 8-17 weeks it is possible to hear the fetal heart rate. The fetal heart rate can be auscultated using a Doppler ultrasound stethoscope or a fetoscope. Hearing the fetal heart rate is indicative of pregnancy.

Fetal X-ray
Fetus found by X-ray-goggles

By 16 weeks, the fetus can be observed with a fetal x-ray. Visualization of the fetus indicates positive pregnancy.

Fetal Movements
Fetus Dancing

Fetal movements can be palpated and visualized after 19 weeks gestation. Feeling fetal movements is indicative of pregnancy and a growing fetus.


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