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Adjustment Disorder

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Adjustment Disorder

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Adjustment Disorder

Adjustable Lamp
Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms
Emotional Distress and Behavioral-mask

Adjustment disorder stems from emotional or behavioral stressors such as a failure in academics, illness, friend difficulties, job loss, and divorce.

Symptoms < 6 Months
Less than sign (6) sax month moon

Adjustment disorder involves symptoms lasting no longer than six months following the conclusion of the stressor.

Within 3 Months of Identifiable Stressor
(3) Tree Month-moon with ID

Adjustment disorder presents itself within three months of the original identifiable stressor (e.g., move, divorce, etc.).

Emotional Distress
Stressed with Tears

Adjustment disorder involves emotional distress that is considered an excessive or inappropriate response to a life stressor (e.g., divorce). This response usually occurs within the first three months of the initial stressor and lasts less than six months.

Does Not Meet Criteria for Other Illness
Diagnostic-computer Excluding

Adjustment disorder involves an emotional response to a stressor that cannot be explained by any other mental health disorder or as a normal grief response. The amount of distress experienced impairs daily life activities and is disproportionate to the normal or expected grief response.

Generalized Anxiety
General with Anxiety-bag

If adjustment disorder symptoms last longer than 6 months, then the diagnosis can be changed to generalized anxiety disorder.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cog Behavioral Therapist

The treatment of adjustment disorder involves cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic or interpersonal psychotherapy.

Ant-tie-depressed Emo

The treatment of adjustment disorder can also involve SSRIs or benzodiazepines. However, the first-line treatment involves cognitive behavioral therapy with the potential use of added medications.


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