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Infectious Urologic Disorders
Urinary Tract Infection Prevention and Treatment

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Urinary Tract Infection Prevention and Treatment

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Urinary Tract Infection Prevention and Treatment

Urinary-tract-on-fire with P-Vent and Tx
Urinary tract infection is inflammation of the bladder or kidneys caused from an infection. The risk of a UTI is increased with poor hygiene after sex, and so women should be instructed to shower after sex, and urinate immediately after. After women use the restroom, wiping front to back is important since it decreases the risk of UTI-causing bacteria entering the urethra. It is important for the nurse to measure the patient’s intake and output to ensure they are drinking and excreting enough fluids. Encourage the patient to void every 2-4 hours to help flush the bacteria out of their urinary tract. Antibiotics can treat a UTI. It is important the patient avoids caffeine because it stimulates bladder contractions, which can cause increased pain and discomfort for the patient. Once the patient begins taking antibiotics it is important they see their doctor for a follow up appointment in two weeks to ensure the infections is subsiding.
Shower after Sex
Shower with Sex-Symbols

It is important to educate a female patient to shower after sex.

Urinate after Sex
Yellow-Toilet with Sex-Symbols

It is important to educate a female patient to urinate after having sex to prevent urinary tract infections.

Wipe front to Back
Toilet Paper Rolling Front to Back

It is important to educate female patients to wipe front to back when using the restroom.

I and Os with Daily Weights
I and Os with Daily Weights

Monitor the patient's intake and output while in the hospital.

Increase Water Intake

Encourage the patient to significantly increase their fluid intake (water) to 3L/day. Drinking cranberry juice may be beneficial as well.


Antibiotics are used to treat urinary tract infections. It is important to teach your patient best practices surrounding prescribed antibiotics. Stopping antibiotics when symptoms have substantially resolved may be effective and safe for some patients who are unlikely to have a bacterial infection or who have a self-limiting bacterial infection. However, if an antibiotic is prescribed for a clear indication, and a minimum duration is supported by evidence-based guidance, patients should be advised not to stop treatment until the end of the course.

Avoid Caffeine
Soda and Coffee knocked away

Discourage the patient from drinking caffeinated beverages, such as soda or coffee.

Dr Appointment in 2 Weeks
(2) Tutu Calendar with Dr. Appt. in 2 weeks

It is important the patient complies with the treatment regimen discussed with their doctor and follows up with an appointment to ensure the infection is gone.

Void every 2 - 4 hours
(2) Tutu and (4) Fork Hourglass on bathroom door

Encourage the patient to void frequently, such as every 2-4 hours.


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