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Oreo-Onion on Fire
Infection of the amniotic fluid during pregnancy. This can occur from the premature rupture of the membranes, amniocentesis, intrauterine procedures or vaginitis. Symptoms that occur include fever, foul smelling amniotic fluid, leukocytosis, tachycardia in mom or fetus, and uterine tenderness and contractions. It is important to monitor mother and baby's vital signs and monitor for contractions, fetal activity and uterine tenderness. Monitor labs to watch for leukocytosis. Treat infection with prescribed antibiotics once a culture has been taken and sent to the lab.

An elevated temperature indicates there is an infection in the amniotic cavity.

Maternal or fetal tachycardia
Mother and Fetus with Tac-Card

The mother or fetus may experience an increased heart rate with the infection.


The white blood cell count may increase, which is the body's response to an infection and trying to fight it off.

Foul Odor to Amniotic Fluid
Plugging Nose in Onion Fluid

The amniotic fluid will have a foul odor due to the bacteria from the infection.

Treatment: Antibiotics

After obtaining amniotic fluid cultures, treat with prescribed antibiotics to fight the infection.

Monitor uterine tenderness, contractions and fetal activity
Monitor with Tenderizer Uterus Flexing and Treadmill Fetus

Monitor the uterus and fetal activity to be sure the baby and mother are both remaining healthy throughout treatment.

Monitor maternal vital signs & FHR
Heart Monitor plugged into Mother and Fetus

Monitor vital signs of both mother and fetus to be sure both are within normal limits and healthy.


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