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NNRTIs (Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors)

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NNRTI Drug Names
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NNRTIs (Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors)

NNRTIs are a class of medication designed to bind to reverse transcriptase to inhibit viral DNA elongation. These medications are often combined with other therapies to treat HIV, and are different from NRTIs because they don't require intracellular metabolism. Side effects of NNRTIs are hepatotoxicity, vivid dreams and CNS effects. These medications shouldn't be used in pregnant women.
AIDS bandaid

These medications are used to treat HIV and AIDS.

Do Not Require Intracellular Metabolism
Does Not Require Intracellular Metal-balls

These medications are different from NRTIs, as they do not require intracellular metabolism, or phosphorylation "activation" to work against HIV.

Inhibits Reverse Transcriptase
Inhibiting-chains on Reverse Train-script

These drugs work by binding to reverse transcriptase (at a different site from NRTIs), preventing viral DNA from being transcripted.


Patients taking NNRTIs can often complain about developing rashes. This mainly occurs in female patients.

Liver with Toxic-green-glow

Hepatotoxicity is a common side effect of NNRTI drug therapy, and patients should have their liver function monitored.

Vivid Dreams and CNS Symptoms
Vivid-colors Dream from CNS-brain

Patients taking these medications have complained of vivid dreams and CNS symptoms (dizziness, confusion). The NNRTI medication efavirenz is known to cause these effects.

Pregnant-woman with Caution-tape

NNRTI medications, most notably delavirdine and efavirenz are contraindicated in pregnancy, and can lead to teratogenic effects.


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