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HAART stands for highly-active antiretroviral therapy. This medication regimen is used for patients who present with AIDS-defining lesions, or have CD4+ counts below 350 internationally, or below 500 in the United States. This regimen can be summarized by knowing the patient will take 2 NRTI medications + 1 of the following: an NNRTI, a protease inhibitor or an integrase inhibitor.

HAART is a medication protocol for treating patients with HIV who have AIDS-defining lesions or low CD4+ levels.

Begin at Diagnosis

Once the diagnosis of HIV is made, HAART can be initiated. Antiretroviral therapy is recommended for all HIV-infected individuals to reduce the risk of disease progression. It is also recommended for HIV-infected individuals to prevent the of transmission of HIV.

3 Drugs
(3) Tree with Drugs

This treatment regimen consists of 3 drugs. A multiple drug approach helps to attack HIV at varying points of its life cycle and replication as well as to resist mutation.

2 NRTIs (Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors)
(2) Tutu Nerd-ties

HAART is initiated with a treatment of 2 NRTI medications; these 2 drugs are then combined with a third medication. NRTI medications work by inhibiting the binding of nucleotides, which reverses transcriptase, and by terminating the DNA chain.

NNRTI (Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor)

The third drug used in HAART can be an NNRTI, which is a drug that treats HIV by inhibiting nucleotide binding, which reverses transcriptase at a different site of action than NRTIs.

or Protease Inhibitor
Propeller-ace with Inhibiting-chains

The third drug used in HAART can be a protease inhibitor. This drug works by preventing the maturation of the new HIV from within the host cell.

or Integrase Inhibitor
Integra with Inhibiting-chains

The third medication used in HAART alongside the NRTIs can be an integrase inhibitor; medications in this class work by inhibiting HIV genome integration into the host cell.


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