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Dermatomes - Thoracic

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Dermatomes - Thoracic

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Dermatomes - Thoracic

Mr. Skin Divisions with Thor-axe
The skin's surface is divided into specific areas called dermatomes, which are mainly supplied by a single spinal nerve. There are 8 cervical nerves (C1 being an exception with no dermatome), 12 thoracic nerves, 5 lumbar nerves and 5 sacral nerves. Each of these nerves relays sensation (and pain) from a particular region of skin to the brain.
T1 - Medial Arm
(T) Tea (1) Wand with Metal Arms

Thoracic spinal nerve 1 (T1) relays sensation and pain to the medial arm.

T4 - Nipple
(T) Tea (4) Fork

T4 is associated with portraying sensation and pain at the nipple line. The medical mnemonic "T4 is at the teat pore" is helpful in recalling this.

T7 - Xiphoid
(T) Tea and Lucky (7) Slot-machine with Xylophone

T7 is the thoracic spinal nerve associated with innervation of the skin and sensation in a horizontal band spanning across the area of the xiphoid process.

T10 - Belly Button
(T) Tea (10) Tin with Belly Button

T10 is the thoracic spinal nerve portraying skin sensation pain horizontally at the level of the belly button. The mnemonic "T10 is at the belly but-ten" is useful in recalling this.

T12 - Pubis
(T) Tea (12) Carton with Pubes

T12 is the dermatome that is responsible for sensation at the level of the pubis.


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