Study with two powerful resources for medical school success, and pass the USMLE STEP & COMLEX exams guaranteed.

Studying with Pathoma?

Easily find a Picmonic related to a page you are studying, for a quick way to make the facts stick or learn topics that Pathoma does not cover.

Studying with Picmonic?

Picmonic offers efficient and effective 2-3 min videos to learn and review over 1,700+ topics. Access Pathoma videos when you need a more in-depth review.

Increase Retention 331%

Picmonic’s research proven system increases retention 331%. Supplement Pathoma studying with Picmonic for topics you’re struggling to remember.

Jessica S.
Jessica S.
Rising 4th year Medical Student
Florence, Alabama - Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

I am shocked sometimes when I am working with a preceptor on the wards and I am able to answer a question correctly because I remember a detail from a Picmonic I watched during my first year! I love the way that Picmonic integrates visual and auditory learning, as well as kinesthetic interaction when answering questions. The videos are also short and interesting, so they keep my attention and I don't feel like I am spending too much time on any given topic!

Jerry C.
Jerry C.
Pomona, California - Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Pomona

Picmonic is actually very unique and I like it. Other big brand resources such as Sketchy(micro/pharm) and Pathoma have their strengths in specific disciplines. But they have disadvantages that Picmonics are able to fill in. For example, I find Sketchy's videos to be too long and the characters are bland and boring, so I need to use Anki to re-enforce.

Med Student
True Blue - St Georges University School of Medicine
Now that Picmonic has the pages of Pathoma in the browse section, it is easy for me to correlate what I am learning in pathology with the memory anchors I need to keep it all straight

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Picmonic has helped med students study smarter, not harder. Join over 1 million students on their journey to successful careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pathoma?

Pathoma is a textbook and medical video library that go beyond medical lectures and help students be better prepared for their medical careers. Picmonics are mapped to the Pathoma textbook making it easy to study with Picmonic alongside Pathoma to increase retention of high-yield facts. You can find Pathoma lectures and videos online, and free downloads of slides and pictures. There are also Pathoma PDFs and an ebook available for download as well.

Should I use Pathoma and Picmonic together?

Picmonic is designed to be used alongside Pathoma’s textbook and video series. When you study with Pathoma’s textbook you can easily find the page number in Picmonic, to find the picture mnemonic that will enable better learning AND retention.

Do Pathoma and Picmonic have mobile apps?

Pathoma does not have a mobile app. Picmonic offers a mobile app that you can download for iOS and Android, to enable on-the-go studying even without an internet connection. In 2021, the app has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, and you can read reviews in the App store.

What features and benefits does Picmonic have that Pathoma videos do not have?

  • Comprehensive coverage of USMLE STEP 1 & 2 high yield topics
  • Customization & the ability to add notes
  • Related Facts (in order to connect related topics)
  • Study guides and STEP prep study aids
  • Alignment with First Aid and other textbooks
  • Pass guarantee*

How do I use Pathoma and Picmonic for USMLE STEP 1?

Medical students use both resources to learn and retain high-yield information as they analyze the answers to Qbank questions. For in-depth coverage of a topic use Pathoma, then when you are ready, use Picmonic’s memorable visual mnemonics to lock in the facts long term.

How much does Pathoma cost?

Pathoma Pro is $100 for 1 year. To go beyond Pathology and review all of the high-yield topics on STEP 1, you can get 1 year of Picmonic for $180.

Is Pathoma free for students?

Free Pathoma: Pathoma offers a 1 month free trial with access to a limited number of videos on a trial basis. Picmonic offers a limited amount of daily content free (forever!), for any course of study.

Does Pathoma have an Anki Add-On?

Pathoma does have Anki Decks available. Picmonic also has an Anki Add-On that enables easy access to Picmonic videos and quizzes from any Anki flashcard.

By the Numbers

Over 1 million healthcare students have used Picmonic to ace exams and boards/certifications on their way to becoming successful professionals.

High-Yield Facts

*Pass STEP/COMLEX, guaranteed. Start using Picmonic in your first year. If you do not pass we’ll hook you up with a full refund or double the length of your access free.