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We are committed to providing the most engaging nursing exam prep for students EVER! Picmonic covers it all. Our built-in study plans help you master a comprehensive sequence of topics for the ATI, HESI or NCLEX (including the Next Generation NCLEX). And you'll have access to our vibrant community of students, professionals and scholars who provide helpful advice, tips and free resources.







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Make the most of the time you spend on your NCLEX® exam prep by nailing important nursing topics in an engaging and entertaining way. From Pharmacology, Antibiotics, Lab Values, Med-Surg and more, our video playlists will help you master the content and help you remember more in less time.

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Our extensive library of NCLEX®, ATI and HESI exam prep resources provides you with everything you need to feel ready to pass the NCLEX-RN.

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Our mission is to help students succeed. Students and graduates regularly share exam tips and advice with our community, creating a valuable source of support for nursing students.
Pass the NCLEX® Guaranteed

Pass the NCLEX® Guarantee

Our pass guarantee is there to help you pass the NCLEX® exam on your first try and launch your nursing career as quickly as possible.

If you do not Pass the NCLEX® within 1 year of your Picmonic subscription expiration date, we’ll hook you up with a full refund or double the length of your access free.*

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Picmonic Pass the NCLEX® Guarantee:

  1. You have purchased a 3 month or longer Picmonic for Nursing subscription.
  2. You have learned at least 500 Picmonics for Nursing prior to your test date.
  3. You submit proof of NCLEX® results within 30 days of date of receipt of letter/email to

No shenanigans, no funny business! Just guaranteed success!

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Abigail H.

Picmonic 100% helped me with my confidence level and ability for taking the NCLEX®, and I passed within the first 75 questions!

The program pulled the most important concepts together for me, putting them in a story form that made it super easy to remember. I even had a few specific questions that I could not help but smirk at, because I could fall directly back on Picmonic’s informative -yet kind of comical – story lines.

I do not regret my subscription whatsoever!

Abigail H.
Mia J.

Picmonic provides nursing students with so many resources to build a strong foundation of understanding. From simple to complex subjects, picmonic makes everything so easy to understand and more importantly apply to our practice. I am so grateful for picmonic. It is a great program and it works! Thanks picmonic for helping me pass my NCLEX-RN at 75 questions!!

Mia J.La Ronge,

I have used Picmonic since my second semester of nursing school when a former student recommended it to my class. Since I started using Picmonic I have seen a drastic change in my test scores. Picmonic has helped me pass and get high scores on the HESI exams for my program, and has helped me pass all of my tests this far. I feel that Picmonic helps me to study when I'm not feeling up to par. It's nice to have a tool that really condenses the material you are already studying into a format that is interesting and easy to understand. I recommend Picmonic to anyone in nursing school.

AdriannaMoorefield, West Virginia - Eastern West Virginia Community And Technical College