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Human Physiology
Gastrointestinal Basics
Large Intestine

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Large Intestine

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Large Intestine

Large Intestine
The large intestine is the final part of the digestive tract, and is mainly used to reabsorb water and store waste. In contains the colon, in which electrolytes and water are absorbed. Few macronutrients are absorbed because most were absorbed in the small intestine. Also, the microflora, which is native gut bacteria found in the colon, produces vitamins (including essential vitamins B and K). Finally, the rectum is located just before the anal canal and stores feces until defecation.

The majority of the large intestine is the colon, which is divided into four parts: ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid.

Electrolyte Reabsorption
Electrolyte Electric-lights absorbed by Sponge-lights

Electrolytes are absorbed in the transverse colon, particularly sodium and potassium.

Water Reabsorption
Sponges Absorbing Water

The large intestine is the last site of water absorption before waste is excreted. Water is absorbed throughout the colon.

Microflora Produce Vitamins
Flowers producing Vikings

The large intestine has a lot of microflora, or helpful bacteria. Some of the microflora produce vitamins, including vitamins B and K.

Rectum Stores Feces
Rectum-rectangle outhouse Storing Feces

The rectum is the site of feces storage prior to excretion. It is located before the anus and after the sigmoid colon.


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