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Histrionic Personality Disorder

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Histrionic Personality Disorder

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Histrionic Personality Disorder

Hissy-monarch with Purse-onality Disordered
Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by colorful and emotionally dramatic extroverted behavior. Individuals with this order feel the need to be the center of attention and demonstrate flirtatious behavior while dressing for attention. Their labile emotions and dramatic behavior cause them to have difficulty maintaining long-lasting and intimate relationships. They are quick to follow fads and have impressionistic speech.
Discomfort if Not Center of Attention
Throwing off comforter when out of Attention-circle

People with histrionic personality disorder seek attention and will use manipulation to become the center of attention. They demonstrate a very strong need for approval and are desperate to attract attention. Failing to be the center of attention leads to feelings of discomfort, dejection, and anxiety. They may cry or throw temper tantrums.

Dressing for Attention
Dress of Attention

As part of their flirtatious behavior, individuals with histrionic personality disorder dress provocatively to attract the attention of others. They tend to wear flashy clothing, low-cut shirts, and short skirts.

Flirtatious, Provocative Behavior
Flirtatiously blowing kisses

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder demonstrate inappropriate seductive behavior in order to attract the attention of others. They are overly flirtatious and will dress for attention.

Shallow and Labile Emotions
Shallow & Labeled Emoticons

People with histrionic personality disorder are easily distracted and display labile emotions characterized by abrupt mood fluctuations. Their expression of emotions are shallow and change quickly. Stressful situations may induce episodes of psychosis.

Theatrical or Dramatic
Theatrically-acting on stage

In order to gain the attention they desire, people with histrionic personality disorder demonstrate exhibitionistic behavior. They are self-dramatizing to attract the attention of others.

Impressionistic Speech
Im-pressed Speech-bubble

People with histrionic personality disorder use impressionistic speech. They speak in a very general manner and lack detail. Instead of focusing on describing what happened, they talk about how they felt during the experience.

Im-pressing self to others

People with histrionic personality disorder are easily influenced by others. They are impressionable and are quick to follow the latest trends. In order to attract attention, they try to be well-like, successful, popular, and attractive.

Overestimates Intimacy in Relationships
Overestimation-chart of Intimacy In-tea

Due to their highly suggestible personalities, they are strongly dependent on others and overestimate intimacy in relationships. They lack the ability to sustain genuine affection for others. They believe their relationships with others are more intimate than they realistically are.


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