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Age 9 Months - Developmental Milestones

(9) Lives-cat and Month-moon
There are several important milestones that occur at 9 months of age. At this age, children usually develop a pincer grasp, which is the adduction of the thumb to secure an object against an extended index finger. With the development of the pincer grasp, children also readily put things in their mouth. At 9 months, children also begin to develop the idea of object permanence and also develop the ability to use their finger to point to things they want. Important gross motor milestones include the ability to crawl and the ability to pull to a stand using objects or people. Children at this age normally also understand the meaning of “no” and starts to respond to their own name. At 9 months old, children also begin to develop social anxiety, which is anxiety when separated from parents or primary caretaker.
Pulls to Stand
Pulling-up to Stand

At nine months of age, children will often use furniture or a parent's leg to pull to a stand. This is an important milestone that occurs before cruising and walking.

Starts Cruising

Babies should be crawling by eight months old, and then may begin cruising, or standing up and moving while holding on to furniture for support, by nine months old.

Three-Finger Pincer Grasp
(3) Tree Pincer-crab Grasping

At nine months old, a baby will use a three finger pincer grasp to pick up small objects using the thumb, index and middle finger. This is developed before the pincer grasp, which occurs at ten months.

Holds Bottle or Cup
Holding Cup

At this age, a baby may be able to hold an object, such as a bottle or cup.

Starts Sounding "Mama" or "Dada"
"Ma" and "Da" Speech-bubble

As part of language development, a baby will be able to start sounding “mama” or “dada.”

Waves Bye

At nine months old, a baby will be able to wave goodbye to others as a social developmental milestone.

Separation Anxiety
Separation Anxiety-bag

Separation anxiety typically develops at this age. Separation anxiety occurs when children get upset when a parent or close caregiver tries to leave them with someone else they are not as familiar with.

Plays Pat-A-Cake

Playing pat-a-cake, clapping hands, and playing peek-a-boo are all cognitive developmental milestones that children should have developed by this age.

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