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Age 6 Months - Developmental Milestones

(6) Sax and Month-moon
There are several important milestones that occur at six months of age. At this age, most babies are able to sit, sometimes alone or with support in the tripod position, which is using the arms to support their bodies while sitting. At this age, babies also learn how to roll over in both directions, including stomach to back and back to stomach. By six months of age, children also develop a raking grasp and are able to transfer objects from one hand to another.
Palmar Reflex Disappears
Palm-tree Disappearing

The palmar grasp reflex, which is present at birth, occurs when an object is placed in the infant's palm. The infant responds by grasping the object. This reflex should disappear at six months of age.

Sits Propped Up On Hands
Sitting Propped Up On Hands

At six months of age, an infant will be able to sit up momentarily using his or her hands for body support.


A baby at this age will be able to roll over in both directions; stomach to back, and back to stomach.

Transfers Objects Hands to Hands
Transferring Object from Hand to Hand

At this age, a baby will be able to transfer an object from one hand to the other hand.

Raking Grasp

A raking grasp occurs at six months of age, which is the flexion of fingers to bring objects into the palm. This kind of grasp occurs before babies develop a pincer grasp.


By six months of age, infants begin to babble using consonant sounds.

Responds to Name
Responding to Name

At this age, an infant will begin to respond to his or her own name.

Stranger Anxiety Develops
Stranger-danger and Anxiety-bag

Stranger anxiety is a form of distress that babies experience when exposed to unfamiliar people. Many sources state that stranger anxiety typically begins to develop at around six months of age.

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