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Age 4 Months - Developmental Milestones

(4) Leaf-clover and Month-moon
By four months of age, babies’ eyesight and head control continue to improve. At this age, babies are usually able to track objects past midline and also begin to reach for objects with their hands. At this age, babies are also often able to hold a rattle. Babies are also able to raise their body on their hands when on their stomach, and this motion also helps them to roll from stomach to back. However, babies typically cannot roll from back to stomach until six months. At this age, babies’ use of voice continues to evolve and babies typically begin to babble, which is pretty much adding consonant sounds to cooing.
Sits With Support
Sitting-up with Support

By four months of age, babies should be able to hold their heads steady while sitting with support.

Rooting Reflex Disappears
Roots Disappearing

The rooting reflex is triggered when the baby's cheek is stroked. This causes the baby to turn and open its mouth, making sucking or “rooting” motions to assist with breastfeeding. This reflex should disappear by four months of age.

Moro Reflex Disappears
Moro-monster Disappearing

The Moro reflex, also known as the startle reflex, presents as an involuntary response that occurs when an infant feels as if it’s falling. The Moro reflex disappears in most infants by around 4 months of age, though it may be present in a minority of infants through 6 months.

Reaches Across Midline

Most children at four months old are able to reach across midline.

Turns to Voice
Turnip with Voice

By four months of age, an infant will orient to voices, turning towards the source of the sound.


Babies can be expected to laugh by the time they are four months of age.

Enjoys Looking Around
Happy-face Glasses

At four months old, infants enjoy looking around as their vision has improved and they can start distinguishing between shades, as well as being able to follow moving objects.

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