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Medicine (MD/DO)
Developmental Stages
Age 2 Months - Developmental Milestones

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Age 2 Months - Developmental Milestones

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Age 2 Months - Developmental Milestones

(2) Tutu and Month-moon
By two months of age, babies' hearing and understanding of sound improve, and babies typically begin to coo, which is often described as a string of vowels, or any other sound a baby makes, other than crying or burping. Babies at this age also have improved head control, although still unstable at times. With better head control, babies are often able to orient to voice and also have a social smile. Infants at this age are also often able to follow movements with their eyes. Babies at two months of age typically also have infantile reflexes, like the rooting reflex and the Moro reflex.
Holds Head Up, But Unsteady

At birth, babies have very little head control because their motor skills and neck muscles are fairly weak. By two months old, babies develop some head control and can lift their heads briefly. They can support their heads when held, but head control is still quite unsteady.

Tracks Objects to the Midline
Eyes Following Tracks to the Midline

At birth, an infant's eyes are not well coordinated. During the first months of life, his or her eyes start working together and vision rapidly improves. By two months of age, infants begin to follow moving objects with their eyes, and should be able to track objects to the midline.

Cuckoo Clock

Babies typically begin cooing at around two months of age. Cooing is often described as vowel sounds strung together.

Social Smile

As an infant’s eyesight improves, he or she becomes better able to distinguish between different sights and sounds. At around two months old, babies can often respond to a smile with their own smile, which is called a social smile.

Recognizes Parents
Recognizing Parents

Most infants at this age will be paying attention to faces, and they will begin to recognize and enjoy interactions with their parents.


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