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Memantine is an NMDA receptor antagonist drug, which helps prevent excitotoxicity in patients with Alzheimer's disease. It is a glutamergic antagonist at NMDA receptors. This medication works by halting an influx of Ca2+, preventing excitotoxicity to neurons. Neuronal excitotoxicity is mediated by Ca2+, which activates intracellular enzymes, leading to cell destruction. Thus, by halting this influx, memantine shows symptomatic improvement in patients. This drug has been shown to have a modest effect on moderate and severe Alzheimer's cases, while having little benefit in mild cases of Alzheimer's disease. Though rare, patients taking memantine can experience the side effects of confusion and hallucinations.
Alzheimer's Disease

Memantine is an NMDA receptor antagonist drug which helps prevent excitotoxicity in patients with Alzheimer's.

NMDA Receptor Antagonist
NMDA Receptor Ant-toga

Memantine is a glutamatergic antagonist at NMDA receptors.  This action allows to impede an influx of Ca2+, halting excitotoxicity to neurons. This drug is low affinity and short-acting with a modest effect.

Prevents Excitotoxicity
Blocking Excited-X-toxic nerves

By antagonizing NMDA receptors, excitotoxicity is prevented in neurons. Excitotoxicity is mediated by Ca2+ which activates intracellular enzymes, leading to cell destruction.


An adverse effect of treatment with memantine is confusion in patients.


Patients taking memantine can suffer from hallucinations.

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