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Octreotide is a long-acting somatostatin analog with various indications. It is used acutely to help stop variceal bleeds. It is used for a wide range of hormone-secreting tumors, as this medication inhibits the secretion and activity of various endocrine hormones. It is helpful in growth hormone-secreting tumors, which may cause acromegaly or gigantism. Furthermore, octreotide is used to treat diarrhea in carcinoid tumors and VIPomas.
Acute Variceal Bleeds
Acute-angle Ferris-wheel Bleeding

Octreotide is used to treat acute variceal bleeds, as this somatostatin-analog induces splanchnic constriction. This leads to decreased portal vessel pressure in bleeding varices.

Pituitary Tumors
Pit-bull Tumor

Octreotide inhibits the action of certain hormones from the anterior pituitary, such as TSH and GH. Thus, this medication is helpful in tumors producing TSH (thyrotropinoma) and GH (gigantism and acromegaly).

GH Secreting Tumors
Giant with Harmonica and Tumor

Octreotide is helpful in treating gigantism and acromegaly, as this medication inhibits the secretion of GH from the anterior pituitary.

Carcinoid Tumors
Cars-in-droid Tumor

This medication is helpful in carcinoid syndrome, as octreotide decreases the secretion of serotonin by the tumor and decreases the breakdown product of serotonin.


Octreotide is used to control the diarrhea associated with VIPomas, as this medication blocks the secretion and action of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP).

Somatostatin Analog
Sumo-Santa On-a-log

Octreotide is a long-acting octapeptide which mimics somatostatin, a natural hormone which inhibits several endocrine processes.


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