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Visual Field Defects - Right Anopia

Defective Visual Field with Right Nope-eye
Right Anopia
Right Nope-eye

An anopia is a defect in the visual field leading to loss of vision. Right anopia literally means visual defects in the entire right eye.

Complete Vision Loss in 1 Eye
One Eye Completely Dark

The patient experiences a complete loss of vision in the ipsilateral eye, while vision in the contralateral eye remains intact. This occurs in the same side due to the fact that the lesion in the optic nerve is located anterior to the optic chiasm.

Right Optic Nerve
Right Optics Nerve

The lesion is located on the second cranial nerve, the optic nerve, anterior to the optic chiasm.


A loss of function of the tumor suppressor gene, Rb, leads to this malignant tumor growth of the retina, commonly in children. The retina sends signals through the optic nerve to the brain which translates them to images. Therefore, retinal damage due to a tumor, leads to blindness in the corresponding eye.


One of the common types of gliomas is optic nerve glioma. It is slow growing and most often found in children. The tumor leads to damage of the optic nerve, responsible for causing ipsilateral blindness.

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