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Urinary Incontinence
Functional Incontinence

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Functional Incontinence

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Functional Incontinence

Functional-chair with Urine In-continents
Functional incontinence is a form of urinary incontinence that occurs in patients who have normal voiding systems, but who have difficulty reaching the toilet because of physical or or mental disabilities. Symptoms include increased urinary volume and the inability to timely urinate. The treatment for functional incontinence includes scheduled voiding times.
Increased Urinary Volume
Up-arrow Urine

Symptoms of functional incontinence include increased urinary volume, even if the person is aware of the need to urinate.

Unable to Timely Urinate
Broken Clock

Difficulty being able to move quickly enough to reach the toilet, remove clothing, or transfer themselves from a mobility device in time causes conscious retention of urine.

Demented D-man

Memory loss and confusion may also cause the patient to lose the ability to recognize the need to void, especially in the later stages or progression of the disease.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption may lead to functional incontinence. Alcohol can cause the muscles around the bladder to relax, resulting in involuntary bladder leakage as well as inhibiting antidiuretic hormone causing increased urine production.


Cognitive or physical impairments may impair the patient's mobility, resulting in the patient's inability to reach toileting facilities.

Scheduled Voiding
Schedule-planner and Void-toilet

The treatment for functional incontinence includes having the patient follow a voiding schedule. This schedule helps the patient empty their bladder at predictable times to avoid incidents of incontinence.


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