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Brenner Tumor

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Brenner Tumor

Bronzer Tumor
Brenner tumors are rare, non-germ cell tumors of the surface epithelial-stromal type, which appear encapsulated and pale yellow-tan in color. Most tumors are benign and unilateral, and are histologically similar to transitional epithelium found in the bladder. On histology, the cells of Brenner tumors appear to have coffee-bean shaped nuclei.
Non-germ cell tumor
Non-germy ovary

Brenner tumors are non-germ cell tumors, appearing encapsulated and grossly pale, yellow-tan in color.

Transitional epithelium
Epithelial-cell Bronzer

Histologically, Brenner tumor tissue appears similar to transitional-type epithelium with fibrous stroma, as seen in bladder tissue.

Benign and unilateral
Bunny with Unilateral-tan

The vast majority of Brenner tumors are benign and unilateral. These tumors may vary greatly in size, ranging from 1 to 30 cm in presentation. These tumors are rarely malignant.

Coffee bean nuclei
Nuclear Bean Coffee

Brenner tumor cells have distinctive coffee-bean shaped nuclei, a description derived from the longitudinal nuclear grooves and fibrous stroma seen on histology.


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