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Oligodendroglioma is a slow growing brain tumor that often presents in the frontal lobe of adults. It is a relatively rare tumor that commonly occur in the frontal lobes of the brain. Due to the prominent vasculature, the tumor gives of a chicken-wire capillary pattern. Since the tumor cells originate from oligodendrocytes, the cells have a characteristic fried egg appearance which are cells that have round nuclei with clear cytoplasm. The tumors are often calcified and therefore identifiable on imaging.
Slow growing tumor

Oligodendrogliomas classically are slow growing tumors.

Frontal lobe
Header with Frontal Lobe

These tumors are often found in the frontal lobe region of the brain which is involved in attention, short-term memory, planning, reward, and motivation.

Chicken Wire Pattern
Chicken Wire

Histologically, these tumors tend to have finely branching capillaries that are classically described as a “chicken wire” appearance.

Fried egg appearance
Fried egg

These tumors are said to have a “fried egg” appearance histologically because they have spherical nuclei surrounded by a clear halo of cytoplasm.


Calcification is present in as many as 90% of oligodendrogliomas and can range from microscopic to massive calcium depositions.


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