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Postpartum Blues

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Postpartum Blues

Pregnant Lady With Blue-Bow and Post-Baby
Depressed Affect
Sad Affect

Depressed affect is one of the features of postpartum blues.


Tearfulness is one of the features of postpartum blues.


Fatigue is one of the features of postpartum blues.

Resolves in 2 Weeks
Tutu dancer with weekly press

Symptoms of postpartum blues start 2-3 days after delivery and usually resolve within two weeks.

Supportive Care
Supportive IV bags

Treatment of postpartum blues is supportive (address symptoms and patient education); these patients usually don't require hospitalization, antipsychotics, or antidepressants. Follow-up to assess for major depressive disorder with peripartum onset (postpartum depression) is crucial because this may require further psychological and pharmacological therapy.


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