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Helicobacter pylori Associations

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Helicobacter pylori Associations

Infection by H. pylori is implicated in various stomach pathologies. These include chronic gastritis (Type B), peptic ulcer disease and differing etiologies of stomach cancer (gastric adenocarcinoma and MALT lymphoma).

H. pylori infection is the cause of Type B chronic gastritis, which is the most common type of gastritis. Type B occurs in the antrum of the stomach, and the mnemonic Type B is caused by Bacteria is helpful for recall.

Peptic Ulcer Disease
Pepper Ulcer-volcano

Peptic ulcer disease is highly associated with H. pylori infections. 70% of gastric ulcers show an infection by this microbe, while nearly 100% of duodenal ulcers show an H. pylori infection.

Stomach Cancer
Stomach Tumor-guy

H. pylori is considered an oncogenic microbe, as an infection by this pathogen is associated with stomach cancers. These cancers, in particular, are gastric adenocarcinoma and MALT (mucous associated lymphoid tissue) lymphoma.


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